Native Aave Integration w/ Numio- Sign up to be a Tester!


I am one of the Co-Founders of Numio, which is a noncustodial mobile wallet on Ethereum. We were the first wallet to natively support zkRollups, and the first on zkSync. We are currently in the process of going live with native support for Aave inside of our mobile app, with a DeFi Dashboard interface. By using our app, you will be able to generate yield, take out loans, repay your loans, and withdraw your capital all in one interface! Our goal is to build the best experiences for people on Ethereum, primarily focusing our efforts on the zkRollup solutions (more L2 solutions supported coming soon :eyes:). For the v1, you will be able to deposit & withdraw from Aave, and can import any accounts that have balances in Aave & being to manage them from Numio!

Right now, we are accepting community testers as we prepare to go live with the v1 of our dashboard, starting with support for Aave on Ethereum mainnet. If you would like to sign up to be a tester, you can do so here.

As this dashboard evolves, we will be offering the ability for users to do all these kinds of interactions natively on L2, where the UX is significantly better than Ethereum mainnet. Right now, we are focused on the DeFi assets that are supported on zkSync at the moment, but would be happy to work together with the Aave community to help bring “a” tokens to zkSync- so you can invest into aUSDC, aDAI, aUSDT, aETH, etc. directly on zkSync 1.x and receive the deep liquidity from Ethereum mainnet. We will be announcing support for some DeFi assets we will be supporting on zkSync in the near future, but would love to offer “a” tokens to our users, if possible! We would need help from Aave in the form of a grant in order to do so- at least until they go live on zkSync 2.0, assuming they deploy there.

I would love to see any other ways we can collaborate with the Aave community moving forward- we have already put together some content about the project on our Tokens page, and I have created multiple videos on our TikTok channel talking about the protocol (I’m the one making all of our TT content). So far our channel has surpassed millions of views, and we do not do any sponsored content. It’s all made for the community! I’ll personally be putting together an article talking more about our strategy with the DeFi Dashboard and specifically how Aave plays into that.

If you haven’t already, make sure to download Numio, which is available on both Android & iOS. Would love to hear your thoughts on the experience! Excited to grow alongside the Aave community :sunglasses:

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