Grant Overview: DeFi Simulator's Asset Risk Parameter Editor

Update: In the last few weeks, in preparation for the main feature of the grant, we’ve released some new “additional” features in the app:

  • Accrued Interest per asset (experimental): most positions now show the amount of interest accrued on each supplied / borrowed asset.
  • Full support for simulating positions in E-Mode and Isolation Mode.
  • Direct links to relevant market explorer for each asset’s aToken and the underlying asset token.
  • Brief history information for the asset (i.e. when was the asset first supplied/borrowed by the user).
  • Supply/Borrow APR.
  • Asset current Liquidation Threshold / Max Loan to Value.

These changes to the app pave the way for the release of the risk parameter editor, coming soon!

As always, feel free to leave any questions or feedback here or in our discord.