How do I get my tokens back

I transferred my avax deposited in stakin (avWAVAX) to another wallet.

Transaction Hash:

Now these tokens are not showing up in my new wallet.
Is it possible to recover these tokens?


You can see here Address 0x229b1b6C23ff8953D663C4cBB519717e323a0a84 | SnowTrace that the tokens made it to that wallet. If that is the right wallet address, then they are definitely there.

Depending on which wallet application you use, you might just need to add the token to it (in MetaMask, for example). You just need to use this contract address to add it: 0xdfe521292ece2a4f44242efbcd66bc594ca9714b

If you go to and connect this new wallet, you’ll automatically see them deposited even if not showing up in the wallet application.

Here is a tutorial on how to do it for MetaMask, in case you’re using that: How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask | ConsenSys

Hi, the problem is that this is not the wallet I wanted to send it to, I don’t know what the hell I did.

Thanks for your help

Then, unfortunately the funds are lost. I’m sorry.

Hi @EduDG - I am sorry to have to tell you but @neptune is right and the funds are lost. That must be really painful. That wallet does not seem to be owned by anyone and so it is unlikely anyone has the secret key to unlock your funds. Even if it was used it is difficult to contact an owner and if you did you would be reliant on their kindness to return your funds. Best to double and triple check the destination address before sending funds. A lot of people use the qr codes or very very careful copy paste to ensure they don’t get addresses wrong