stAAVE drained from wallet


Sadly, I just had my Metamask wallet drained from a phishing scam :( In the process, the scammer took all stAAVE tokens from my wallet. Can stAAVE tokens be used by the scammer for anything malicious?

Additionally, does this pose a risk for when I unstake and claim my staked AAVE (both AAVE and ABPT)?

Thank you

Etherscan link:

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Oh no, I just noticed all my staked AAVE is now at 0!

Is this true that the scammer can access this? Wouldn’t they have to cooldown to access the funds? Please let me know if this can be stopped.

Thank you for any help in advance.

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it seems like you had contact with a drainer wallet. They can transfer everything on your wallet probably so best way to handle is, is to send everything to another wallet maybe even with a new seed to be 100% sure and get a hardware wallet. Unfortunately there is nothing the DAO can do. And no there is no need to cooldown the stkaave those can be transferred. Only cooldown needed if you wanted to unstake and swap back again to Aave.

Ok thank you. What can the hacker do with the stAAVE then?

Sell, swap, etc. Basically whatever they want.

To put it into simple words, you lost your token and wont be able to get them back unless you get in touch with your local authorities.
No one from the DAO can help you in this case.

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Thank you for your help so far. So I’ve created a new wallet. But in order to withdraw my other staked coins from aave, I’ll have to withdraw into this original hacked wallet. Is there a way to withdraw into a different wallet even if I staked them from the original hacked wallet?

Thank you again, I appreciate your insights.

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The only way I know would be to front run the hacker. Maybe someone in the flashbots discord can help. If I remember correct someone on X asked for something similiar and they told him to ask there. But it’s not going to be for free I think.

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