How to stake/unstake AAVE: Safety Mining

AAVE holders can stake their AAVE in the Safety Module (SM) to earn Safety Incentives (for now these are 400 AAVE/day split between all stakers). This “Safety Mining” rewards stakers for taking a risk to secure the Aave Protocol. If a shortfall event occurs, up to 30% of your stake can be slashed to cover the deficit.

To unstake your AAVE, you have to activate a 10 day “cooldown period” first before you can take it out of the Safety Module, so it’s important to plan ahead a bit here. After the cooldown period is complete, you have 2 days where you can withdraw your AAVE. Once that time is up, if you haven’t withdrawn your AAVE, you will have to activate the cooldown period all over again.


Hi Just had a quick question: Is the safety module only a part of aave v2?

Safety Module is part of V1 too