Interoperability Collaboration with Celer Network

Hello Aave team,

This is Yue LI, BD from Celer Network.

We are a leading interoperability protocol supporting fund, NFT and generic message transfers across chains. Our solutions:

  1. cBridge - a top asset (token + NFT) bridge with $10 bn total tx volume and allows users to swap 130+ tokens across 30+ EVM and non-EVM compatible chains.
  2. Celer Inter-chain Message Framework - generic message passing and smart contract calls across chains. Build your one-transaction UX for multiple chains.

More about us:

I see Aave has already deployed in multi-chains, do you need any token bridge support across chains? Or do you want to build the multi-chain-native dApps with one-transaction UX?

I see $GHO has been newly launched, we might start from bridging $GHO from Ethereum to other chains where you need. All the integration is done by us and free of charge!

Always happy to connect and talk! Where you can find me:

Looking forward to speaking to you!

Yue Li

Hey community,

May I get any attention over here?

Yue Li