Introduction: YaspFi

Hello, Aave Community.

We are YaspFi - an all-in-one wallet and yield aggregator focused on sustainable DeFi yield, and we’re grateful for the grant that the DAO has recently awarded us.


Our mission at YaspFi is to drive the transition to decentralized finance and worldwide financial inclusivity. We’re doing so by building a cross-platform and multi-chain wallet, enabling seamless access to user funds through mobile, browser extension, and web-app. We believe that our solution will shake up the wallet space by setting the new bar in usability through Account Abstraction. Along with smart accounts and multi-chain support for the wallet, we have build a unified and simple dashboard for DeFi yield offers with simplified one-click deposits, abstracting away the canonical logic for deposits/withdrawals.

Our Meta-DEX aggregator enables the best execution rate across all supported networks and will soon enable users to deposit into yield offers using any token of their choice.

All DeFi positions can be monitored via a comprehensive portfolio tracking suite, and all prospective yield offers strategies come with key metrics and a Trust Score, enabling users to make data-driven decisions.

We want to thank @0xbilll in particular for providing us with valuable feedback on an early version of Trust Score, which resulted in significant improvements to the quality of the underlying algorithm.


We will aim to aggregate the best lending and leverage instruments DeFi has to offer to put our users’ money to work. We will also aim to provide an optimised fee structure, that empowers our users to capture the most value out of their assets.


For this project, we have the following goals:

  • :hammer_and_wrench: Integrate Aave as the main leverage provider in the upcoming Leverage Lending tool
  • :white_check_mark: Add the GHO stablecoin and yield offers involving it into our existing offerings

The Leverage tool will make its debut with Aave as the sole provider. We’re building our Leverage tool with multiple providers competing for capital efficiency and risk factors in a transparent manner from the get-go, but given Aave’s already excellent capital efficiency and proven track record, we’re anticipating that Aave is going to remain the main leverage provider for the foreseeable future, even after the new leverage providers will be integrated.


YaspFi Team is excited to engage with the Aave community on this forum, and we’ll be providing updates on the progress of the grant here. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.



Github: YaspFi · GitHub

While the mobile wallet has not been released yet, feel free to check out the work that we’ve done on our web-app and browser extension.

Aave provider page: YaspFi | Aave V3

$GHO asset page: YaspFi | GHO



Can you please share some product usage stats and product roadmap for the next 6 months?



We are currently in a soft launch phase, so our numbers are nothing to write home about. Our product was just rolled out to the prod, and we’re waiting for more users to come over the next few weeks. Our roadmap is below:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me here for any questions you may have.

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