Karpatkey Delegate Platform

Voting Actions - October 9th – 13th

Proposal: [ARFC] TokenLogic Hohmann Transfer
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: TokenLogic’s active and significant participation in the Aave ecosystem is recognised, and we support their inclusion in the Orbit program.

Proposal: [ARFC] Transfer Assets From Polygon To Ethereum Treasury
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: Recent activities of the Aave DAO, such as the creation of the GHO Liquidity Committee, an AURA token swap with Olympus, and a potential token swap with Aura Finance, have either already utilised or are projected to use stable coins held in the Ethereum Treasury.

Therefore, we support this proposal request to transfer 1.5M DAI from Polygon to Ethereum to replenish its stablecoin reserves and align Aave DAO’s BAL and CRV holdings with the DAO’s broader strategy for managing these assets.

Proposal: Add DebtSwapAdapter as FlashBorrower
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support this proposal, which suggests granting the FlashBorrower role to the Aave DebtSwapAdapter contracts across all networks. This move is intended to benefit Aave borrowers by exempting them from the flash loan fee when they execute any debt swap flows, making the process more efficient and cost-effective for the Aave community.

Proposal:[ARFC] Enhancing Aave DAO’s Liquidity Incentive Strategy on Balancer
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: This proposal was initiated by karpatkey and aims to optimise Aave DAO’s voting incentives while maximising its emission power. See the proposal text for complete motivation.

Proposal:[ARFC] Further increase GHO Borrow Rate
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: Our vote is continued support from the Temp Check phase. We welcome the inclusion of a rule that presents a more structured approach to determine the parameters for further increases.

Proposal: Gauntlet Recommendations to Lower stMATIC/MaticX non-emode LT/LTV on Polygon v3
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: There is a risk that if the non-emode borrowing power for LST isn’t sufficiently reduced, users might shift their collateral from WMATIC to stMATIC or MaticX for stablecoin borrowing.

This adjustment is beneficial because the WMATIC supply is important for the sustainability of Polygon v3, especially as a lending source for LST-WMATIC recursive strategies.

Proposal: Gauntlet Recommendations to Lower WETH Variable Base to 0 on Arbitrum, Optimism v3
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: The Aave community had previously voted favour option one from Gauntlet’s earlier snapshot, which reduced the slope 1 for WETH on all v3 platforms to 3.3%. However, there needed to be more clarity in the language of the snapshot, leading to the base rate for WETH not being specified to be lowered to 0. This new proposal, therefore, seeks to clarify and specifically reduce the base rate to 0 for WETH on both Arbitrum and Optimism v3 platforms.

We support this proposal as implementing this change paves the way to drive additional revenue for Aave and make it less dependent on on-chain liquidity, which has decreased over recent months.

Proposal: v2 Deprecation Plan, 2023.10.03
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: This proposal is another round of LT and LTV reductions following the v2 deprecation plan that we fully support.

Proposal: STG onboarding on AaveV3 Ethereum Market
Vote: Yeah
Reasoning: This is continued support from the Temp Check phase. We agree on the onboarding of STG and the parameters proposed.

Proposal: Fund GHO Liquidity Committee
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: This is continues support from the Temp Check phase. We have athe underlying motivation of the committee to improve the GHO peg and grow GHO liquidity.

Proposal: KNC onboarding on AaveV3 Ethereum market
Vote: Yeah
Reasoning: This is continued support from the Temp Check phase. We agree with the onboarding of KNC and the parameters proposed.