Proposal : A decentralized and public Aave frontend


The network/protocol is decentralized but we have to go through an interface, what happens if the site is down for x or y reason? We can certainly use smart contract but who is able to do it without interface / frontend?

We can use zapper, instadapp, defisaver and others but we depend on their smart contract and protocol too.

Why not set up a public frontend? Which can be different from (lighter version) but which allows to interact with everything that is possible to do today on and on smartcontract?
Moreover if the frontend is public and decentralized, it is possible to add the latest features that are available on the protocol more quickly.

Other advantages : We will have the possibility to create mirrors
Risk : Possibility that someone change the addresses of the smart contract in the frontend if they decide to fork it and make a fake.

In any case I want to open the discussion on this eventuality and take the measure.

Moreover an Aave app seems to be in dev, is it public ? decentralized ? where is the border ?

If the protocol is decentralized, the interface must be too, otherwise we are dependent (for a large part of the users) on the goodwill of the person responsible for the publication of the frontend.

Of course all the frontend work is fabulous, but so far we are waiting for the new releases with impatience and we have no choice on the frontend, the date, etc …

Best Regards,

  • For a decentralized Aave frontend soon
  • No decentralized Aave frontend at least for the moment

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:+1: love the idea, it would be nice to have a decentralized frontend, to see the conditions and the risk that it generates but the idea is top


Yes this is totally needed


Great idea, it could also be helpful in case regulators start to mess around like we have seen recently with UNI.

I think this is the short to medium term goal - hopefully it will happen soon!


Great point. This is a DeFI-wide concern, perhaps it makes sense for Aave DAO to join the nascent OpenFrontends initiative:


Good suggestion by @kwizfreak and also by @haave to join the OpenFrontEnds Initiative.

It seems they are going to begin with Compound so we could always keep an eye on things, see how things pan out and perhaps follow in their footsteps without experiencing some of the teething problems.

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Before jumping into building a new front-end piece (as the OpenFrontends people seem to be doing for Compound), I’d try to push first for publishing the existing Aave interface under a libre software license (ideally, AGPL).

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GitHub - aave/aave-ui: An open source interface for the decentralized liquidity protocol Aave</tit ! Oh yes :) thanks !!


That’s BIG! Thanks and congrats at the same time for releasing it on the open!


As @ASDPC and @kwizfreak noted, the Aave frontend is now opensource and there is a public IPFS hosted deployment available.

That’s a major milestone for the whole community!


In the announcement on Medium there are a number of good reasons why open sourcing the UI is important:

  • Facilitating integrations
  • Possibiliting alternative and enhanced user experiences
  • Enabling anyone to contribute and improve the UI

However, I think there are a couple of reasons more that can’t be overlooked:


Hello, I am a member of 4EVERLAND team,

Our Platform can help Aave to achieve front-end IPFS-based deployment and hosting and compatible with http access and global acceleration,

We are willing to help Aave to launch an IPFS-based front-end to support the development of ecological decentralized front-end plan;

Our team will actively synchronize with the community on this;


@kwizfreak This would a be a great step in our industry’s push for decentralization.

How do you anticipate in shouldering the cost from hosting the frontend? And the build - would this be from a new dev, and paid for by the treasury?

How do you think of hosting in a decentralized way? Through an IPFS and supported by Filecoin?

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@fig @IMMax I believe the frontend has already been decentralized via IPFS unless the notification received when entering from is inaccurate?

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Yes it is. Afaik theres also a fork deploying to skynet.

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I’m not sure if Aave’s front end has been officially deployed via IPFS yet, but that’s fine, we can do the same and we’ll publish the CID for verification purposes.

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The ci/cd is actually public and verifiable:

Every single (non failing) commit on the aave-ui os repository will yield an ipfs hash:

You can checkout the ci/cd here:

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Hi @kwizfreak
Is there any concern that this could be used for phising or similar attacks
Users could go to what they think is a front-end for Aave but is really a scam
Or am I missing something?

That’s something that a motivated enough attacker can easily do even without access to the source code, so this doesn’t make much of a difference to that sense :upside_down_face:

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