Proposal Clarification

Hi all,

I need some clarification on the Aave governance voting process, as I am not very familiar with it but I want to make sure I’m following the correct procedures.

My next task is to initiate a consensus vote for the snapshot and this message appears. Can I currently hold 1.6k AAVE tokens on Matic only? or is it only necessary to have the 1.6k AAVE splitter in multiple types? like also AAVE in stkBPT or other variations?

Thanks and sorry for asking but it’s unclear and I want to do things in the correct way :)

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Hi, I’m not sure what exactly you want. But if you need guidelines for a proposal then see here. [ARFC] ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework - #20 by ACI

Thanks man, here is the screen
Do you think it is ok to have 1.6k AAVE on matic only or need to have these tokens on multiple chains?

Thanks a lot :pray:

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