Aave build on Cardano - lower fees

Interested in a vote to build interchangable Aave on Cardano with native assets going live 1st March. This build would lower fees to increase demand for use of Aave and overall value of Aave - to ensure it remains competitive in the DeFi space with others already lined up to build on Cardano.


Good notes Patty.
That would be great sure.
Have that said there is absolutely nothing on Cardano Defi.
And there is a lot on the pipeline for the dev and team already to be implemented on Ethereum (1inch, bBadger and much more etc etc) let alone L2 Ethereum.
This is time consuming work , smart contracts, audits, so on.
I would say we have plenty of time until we can think Cardano.


Cheers @Dc_aave
The Mary Hard Fork on 1st March will allow smart contract. Cardano is also offering 3 different options to port ERC-20 onto Cardano as native tokens - which receive the same treatment as ADA.
They also have options for copying pre-created and audited code directly onto their platform - meaning aave dev would just do a copy and paste if that’s the case.

Can we put it to a vote?


But before we do that let’s at least way until they can do smart contracts and after that let’s see if they work ;)

It’s just way too early for Cardano, no products no devs.
One day maybe.

It’s an easy NO for me at this point it would be a tremendous waste of resources my opinion, there is a lot on the pipeline and devs are stacked with work.

If others feel diferent and majority wants to go ahead with this that’s not up to me. But so far no one has even commented in here.

Anyway good luck :+1:


Hey there! I’m interested in this topic, I know a bit Haskell :)

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The community has now implemented a way for users to cheaply use aave through 0xPolygon - transactions are as cheap as 0.00001$.
With that said, if the community believes this is the path forward, it is possible to arrange a community driven team to bring the protocol to different chains, including Cardano.
The big advantage of smart contract protocols is that since there isn’t any hard L1 constraint, they can be ported essentially everywhere. Potentially it’s even possible to build a L1 implementing the same logic.

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The move to Polygon is awesome!

Low fees and allowing liquidity from everywhere can only add value to AAVE