Proposal:Token rescue

Back in v1 i was followed the wrong directions for depositing erc tokens for taking a loan on aave. I was told to wait till v2 and issue a proposal so i could get my tokens back from the contract.

Yes, the issue has been discussed before and validated by the community Community Sentiment Poll : Asset Rescue Mission

Now that v2 is live this can be implemented. @Zer0dot has expressed that rescuing the Aave and Lend stuck in the contract was one of his priority.

Probably delegating your proposal power to him will put your forward :grinning:


Hello AAVE team,

I just made a dumb mistake that is costing me a lot at the moment.

I failed to follow the established process to stake AAVE tokens and sent 5.47 AAVE tokens straight to the address mentioned as “Aave: Staked Aave” (see screenshots). My address is the one you can find on the screenshots: 0xF93917B5Cc68A03F5C63F7D45023B76D541856FC.

Is there any way to save / get back these tokens ? Can an authorisation transaction made later than this first transaction add them to the amount of staked tokens linked to my account for example ? Or would it be possible to send them back ?

I brought this issue to the attention of your support and was advised to bring my case here. Hoping something can be done about it…

Thanks in advance for your time and help,

Greetings! Pablo from AAVE Support sent me a link to this page because, like a dope, I made a deposit error today when I sent funds to the Lending Pool V2 address instead of my Metamask address. Live and learn. Is there any possibility of recovering these funds? I appreciate any advice or support you guys could offer. Enjoy your weekend!

I did the same thing like a fool, sending BUSD to the contract address directly. What’s the latest on being able to recover these lost tokens.

Hello, my name is Harrison and I sent you a support ticket request message on your website for a transaction mishap on my part that ultimately led to sending some aave token to the aave network instead of my girlfriends wallet. I was told I might have some luck as long as the tokens weren’t deposited into an open account, which I doubt happened. For some reason when I copied the address I left off the last 6 letters/digits. I’m sorry and I really would appreciate any help in trying to retrieve this currency… we’re in a real struggle right now and could use it for food… thank you…

The Tx Hash

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I wanted to send my tokens from eidoo to another etherwallet because i wanted to swap my ethlend tokens to aave but i mistakenly sent “ethland token” to a wrong adress ( your own token adress) you know the adress which i send is :


My eidoo eth wallet adress 0x389a0d25495d1f7791fbc264788ac32dd4c89114

Need your help please

What exactly is the time frame or plan of action for this adjustment?

I read the dedicated poll and understand that AAVE governance is working on the issue.
I made a similar accidental mistake two days ago. For some unknown reason, the address for sending my USDC funds from metamask got messed up and the funds were sent to the AAVE amUSDC address (Contract Address 0x1a13f4ca1d028320a707d99520abfefca3998b7f | PolygonScan). This is the transaction ID: 0x5b51f2ec1829b39d151a0c8047e6b20de0e25c62a814d137f5bf9c3fc9f6f9ff
I see that this AAVE amUSDC address is the same I used for a previous transaction (maybe 10 minutes earlier) to repay the debt on AAVE. Anyway, the funds are in AAVE’s hands now…
I sincerely hope that AAVE can help retrieve my funds.

The details of the Phase 1 of the rescue have been published on BGD. Rescue of tokens locked on Aave. Overview and Phase 1.
Please, leave your comments on that thread from now on if there is any question.