Contract address for ONE (Harmony) tokens deposited in AAVE

This is in relation to the:

Which was closed, so unable to continue there.

Can someone please provide the address of the token received from AAVE as proof of deposited collateral, token ONE on Harmony chain.

Thank you.

You can find the tokens linked on the dezentralized UI Aave - Open Source Liquidity Protocol - the external link icon “aONE” is probably what you’re looking for. token link

That said your original question was a bit misleading. While frozen assets can be withdrawn(when there’s available liquidity) and aTokens can be traded on 2nd markets in theory. For aONE specifically due to harmony bridge hack this asset has no available liquidity. afaik the harmony compensation plan is still not finalized and voted on, so it’s currently unclear if there ever will be available liquidity again. I would assume the aONE to be worthless on any secondary market or to be traded at an ridiculous discount right now.

Apologies for misleading you.

I appreciate your help. There are many Harmony users who ended up in very difficult financial situation after the hack. Some people just need some funds to be able to continue with their lives.