5 Steps for AAVE Guided Education

We are a team of brothers with a strong background in user experience (UX) and front-end development. With over a decade of experience in the finance, education, and SaaS industries, we are committed to making cryptocurrency more accessible and user-friendly. We believe that cryptocurrencies can empower individuals worldwide, and we are excited to present our proposal to you.

Thanks for your support!

@ukhezo Web3 Frontend
@Oxkis UX/UI Designer

Problem Statement

When we tried to explain the AAVE protocol to our friends who wanted to learn more about the technology, they struggled to find reliable sources of information that would enable them to understand the concept of borrowing and lending within the protocol and how to interact with it.

How is AAVE currently solving the Problem?

AAVE Internal Sources:

  • Docs, FAQ and Medium
    Pros. This info repository is often vast and complex, containing a vast amount of carefully curated data to ensure its integrity and trustworthiness. FAQ provides reliable information for new users. They help users learn the basics and gain a foundational understanding of the subject matter.
    Cons. Reading documentation can be daunting for those who don’t have a technical background. New users may need images or videos to follow the text. The documentation assumes the user knows specific steps in the process.
  • Intercom
    Pros. Having real-time support on the website is a great feature that can help build trust with new users. It allows them to get answers to their questions and resolve any issues quickly, making their experience more positive and enjoyable.
    Cons. The time to receive answers might vary. Sometimes, one hour or no response leads to a bad user experience. Scalability is an issue, as you need human interactions to solve specific cases.
  • Discord and Telegram
    Pros. As a member of the Discord and Telegram communities, you can access support from users and AAVE staff to answer your questions.
    Cons. The response time and trustworthiness of the support on it may be compromised if anyone can join and potentially scam new users.

Third-Party Sources:

Some third-party sources help users understand how AAVE works, like youtube channels, farming communities, and DAOS. But this is a potential entry of scammers or people that want to extract value from the industry.

How do we propose to solve the Problem?

Providing additional context and visual aids can help make the information more accessible and easier to understand for new users. We propose a guided experience to understand AAVE mechanics that can be scalable to any user experience level with less effort than changing the current UI.

The seven steps solution

We propose to have the following Guided Tours so the new users of AAVE know how to interact with the app.

1. Supply Tour. Guide the users on how to use the supply interface. We suggest how to provide one of their available assets.
2. Borrow Tour. Guide the users on how to use the borrow interface.
3. Withdrawal Tour. Guide the users on how to use the withdrawal interface (first, they would need to supply an asset to be able to withdraw it).
4. Market Tour. Guide users on the Market and different versions of the Aave Protocol, the concept and mechanics behind it.
5. Token Detail Tour. Explains the Detail view of each of the tokens.
6. Stake Tour. Guide the users on how to use the stake interface.
7. Governance Tour. Guide the users through the governance experience to be part of the community and vote on the different proposals.

9 Benefits of The Solution:

1. Education at your fingertips. It’s like having a teacher next to you instead of a textbook.
2. We respect the current UI Design, so when we have new ideas, we can add them without additional complexity or a massive change to the UI.
3. Adaptable. It can be adapted down the road to any new version of AAVE.
4. Only when you need it, not at all times.
5. No installation is required (plugins). Sorry, Google!
6. Relies on code, not on human interaction. Bye, Scammers!
7. Self-contained. It’s part of the app, so we do not rely upon third party libraries or external links. Build in-house!
8. Compliance aligned; we are not financial advisors, so it works as a guide where users have the last call. John from Compliance Department approves!
9. Support the supporters. We plan to have single and unique URLs so we can add them to the Gitbook, and the support team can share them so they can focus on what matters.

Current Development Status

We developed a First Time User Experience Trigger, so when a user launches the app for the first time, they get a tour prompt that can be dismissed.

To us, the first step is to supply, which is the one that has less friction for the users. This tour has already been completed, as seen from the recording below and the repository.

Video Recording of the Supply Tour

Github Repository Link.

Roadmap Proposal

We aim for incremental improvements. We suggest releasing the tours upon completion as follows.

1. First Release. (3,500 USDC upon completion)

Supply and Withdrawal Tours. This is 50% completed, and we are currently working on the Withdrawal.

2. Second Release. (7,500 USDC upon completion)

Borrow and Repay Tours. This one is the most complex as the Repay mechanic is one of the most important to explain correctly.

3. Third Release. (2,500 USDC upon completion)

Market Tour and Token Detail Tours. This Tour will take less design and dev time as it’s static and will not require complex interactions.

4. Fourth Release. (3,500 USDC upon completion)

Stake Tour. Similar to Supply and Withdrawal but explaining the cooldown.

5. Fifth Release. (5,000 USDC upon completion)

Governance Tour. This one will require more work as it’s a simple mechanic that significantly impacts AAVE’s future.

Thank everyone!


Hi everyone!

My brother @ukhezo and I have been using the AAVE protocol for a while now, and we are excited to share its many benefits with others. Our design is the most effective and least disruptive way to educate users about AAVE without relying on third parties.

We are always open to suggestions on making Tours the best they can be, and we invite you to join us in this effort. Share your feedback!

Let’s work together to make AAVE the top protocol out there! :ghost: :rocket:

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I like this onboarding solution. When you land to the current UI unless you have some background in DeFi you might end up googling stuff, and having a solution like this provides users an extra in-app tool to have a better landing.

My thoughts on this is having a better breakdown on the milestones + deliverables. Maybe not to divide in terms of Steps, instead break them in monthly/weekly cycles with the Steps being the deliverables. Changing that in your proposal will provide a better overview of what you want to achieve + budget breakdown : )

Lastly, why do I mention this? In your proposal, it seems like a budget of “let’s make it round up to 22K”, better divide it in terms of work time, where if needed, you can buffer some budget for the unexpected.

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Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your suggestion to break down the milestones and deliverables into monthly or weekly cycles with the Steps serving as the deliverables.

We will definitely take this into consideration as we work to improve the proposal and make it more clear.
Right now we are working on the Withdraw Tour which will help us to to calculate project times more accurately than in the initial proposal and implement your suggestion to divide the budget according to work time to allow for flexibility in case of unexpected issues.

Thank you for your input @D3Portillo. We will make the necessary modifications to ensure that the proposal reflect the time variable

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Hello! Thanks for the feedback, @D3Portillo. You are right! We should have called it a budget rather than a roadmap.

I saw how you made your roadmap in your proposal, which looks comprehensive. If you don’t mind, we would like your layout; to do so. We are working on the other tours to have a more precise time for each milestone.

I’m designing the Borrow page right now! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! And happy New Year!

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That view seems really cool @Oxkis :metal:

I have no specific template, but can subtract this as key items from our proposal:

  • Short Intro
  • Team About Section
  • Problem Statement
  • Solution and Proposal Overview
  • The Project Goals
  • Project Scope & Deliverables
  • Budget Breakdown & Summary
  • Notes & External References

Also, you can take a look to DeveloperDAO budget template or this BGD proposal as reference: https://governance.aave.com/t/aave-bored-ghosts-developing-bgd

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