Rating Aave DAO’s maturity with DAOmeter

Rating Aave DAO’s maturity with DAOmeter

Hey Aave community,

I’m Kene delegate on the StableLab team, and we recently launched DAOmeter, a maturity rating system for DAOs.

The goal of DAOmeter is to serve as a public good by providing an effective method of evaluating and benchmarking the maturity levels of various protocols. This is achieved through a scoring system that encompasses key categories within protocols, such as Community, Voting, Documentation, Security, and more.

Based on our evaluation, we have assigned Aave a maturity score of 77%.

We identified several areas of improvement. Aave only received 52% in the community category because:

  • community payroll is not on a schedule

  • there is no proper documentation per role for the DAO

  • there is no formal offboarding process (that is transparent at least)

  • there are no working groups

I’d like to clarify that DAO maturity doesn’t equal “decentralization”. We provide a 40 page report on the breakdown of the score as well as the research methods behind DAOmeter, which you can find here.

As we are committed to the continuous improvement and development of this tool, we would love to hear from the broader community. Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and insights with us as we work to improve the DAOmeter scoring system.

If you want to try it, visit here.