Saucy Block Delegate Platform

ARFC Onboard New Risk Service Provider

Vote: #1 Onboard Allez Labs, #2 Onboard LlamaRisk, #3 NAY, #4 Onboard OpenBlock, #5 ABSTAIN

The following two points are the reasons we chose Allez Labs as #1:

  1. The values of “transparency” and “strengthening autonomy” focused by Allez Labs strongly aligned with the values we have emphasized when voting. Additionally, for the long-term success of the Aave DAO, we considered strengthening the autonomy of risk management to be an important challenge that a talented and experienced team should undertake.

  2. While LlamaRisk supports products(crvUSD, llamalend) that could potentially create conflicts of interest with Aave DAO products, there was almost no possibility of conflicts of interest with AllezLabs.

@sid_areta 's comments comparing LlamaRisk and AllezLabs provided us with valuable input for our voting decision. We are grateful to him.