Save the Lend tokens that are stucked in the Lend contract

Yes, I am also waiting for an update and a timeframe… I have GUSD stuck… hopefully I can get it back at some point. It was just a copy and paste error sending funds into the lending address by accident…

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I`m waiting the same.

To provide a bit of clarity on why this is taking a bit of time. Even if this can seem like a “trivial” work, the criticality of all systems involved is pretty high, for example the Lend to Aave migrator or the AAVE token itself.
Also, this effort at the moment is purely community-led, and there are multiple other developments in parallel. Considering that funds “locked” are just there and there is no risk of them to be lost, at least for me as member of the community it is understandable that the priority is low compared with the effort needed (considerably high security-wise).
That being said, if anybody from the community wants to lead this initiative to move it forward faster, I would be happy to support technically (and other members of the community too).


I read the dedicated poll and understand that AAVE governance is working on the issue.
I made a similar accidental mistake two days ago. For some unknown reason, the address for sending my USDC funds from metamask got messed up and the funds were sent to the AAVE amUSDC address (Contract Address 0x1a13f4ca1d028320a707d99520abfefca3998b7f | PolygonScan). This is the transaction ID: 0x5b51f2ec1829b39d151a0c8047e6b20de0e25c62a814d137f5bf9c3fc9f6f9ff
I see that this AAVE amUSDC address is the same I used for a previous transaction (maybe 10 minutes earlier) to repay the debt on AAVE. Anyway, the funds are in AAVE’s hands now…
I sincerely hope that AAVE can help retrieve my funds.

Hello @eboado! Thanks for reaching out.

Wasnt @Zer0dot the one who was assigned for the task? Peter, if you can, could you please clarify. Thanks!

Also @MarcZeller have mentioned not once that the task is in the security review stage. And it was a long time ago.

Ofcourse i understand it is not a priority, but still, it seemed as there was a consensus on that issue from the genesis team and the community, and now you are saying that the incentive is purely community-led.

So if genesis team could just clarify on whats going on, would be much appreciated.


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I share exactly the same as you MUMU. They should give us more sincerity.

add me to the list of people who have made the mistake. The transaction hash is 0x5d4448835bbb09a75ec10689b230e2bcbd97c89558a34ec07f590b1f469c0206 :frowning:

@Zer0dot Have there any news?

Because already have passed one year and four months that the topic began.


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Hello Everybody,

I don’t know is this a right place but I made a mistake in rush - POLYGON chain Token amDAI is lost.

I felt my wallet might be hacked and wanted to transfer tokens to another MMask wallet. Long story short, I pasted the wrong adress in the transaction adress (after test transaction I added token manually to new MMask, after that didn’t copy wallet adress again in a rush).

Is there any chance to have any help, or where to knock the door for an answer?

Stay safe and wise in DeFi Lands. Besties.

Attn. to the Governance Team

Hello Every one, I mistakenly sent my AAVE tokens to the AAVE smart contract address instead of my Wallet (ON POLYGON CHAIN)…. I kept my 10.34 AAVE for more than 1 year , and i just lost them in one click …by mistake copying the smart contract adress instead of my Wallet one (you know copy/paste)

here is the Transaction Hash → 0xbbfeab7454c0564194738699ca9e532e5fff9740104b5fba8b3751295a8834ff

I don’t know if there is anything you can do about that; I’m so disappointed to have lost my AAVE token like that. Thanks in advance for your support. Jerome

Hey guys!

It’s been a while but a token rescue solution is in the works. It sucks to have lost funds and feel powerless, but with the community’s support (via governance), a solution will be implemented! It’s hard to be patient on something like this!


It is hard NOT to love Your answer. I hope there will be any info about what to do next. I mean If we have to do something/somehow interact with the contract? Or the contracts would recognize this transactions and refunds blocked tokens?
I hope it will happen before next Bull Run :)

Hi all , Zer0dot ; that’s good news ! hopefully I’ll get my token back one day ! It shows how AAVE is getting more an more mature and ready to welcome more mainstream users …! Mistakes happen, Customers (Users) cannot just lost their fund in one click , like that, especially while interacting within the protocol itself. in the future, there must be an official communication governance channel like e-ticket to claim this kind of errors, otherwise mainstream users will never put their funds in Defi.

My ref: 0xbbfeab7454c0564194738699ca9e532e5fff9740104b5fba8b3751295a8834ff

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Excellent news I hope the solution arrives soon​:raised_hands::pray:

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Hi Rama , have you heard any news/progress about this topic on your side ? Do you really think it will happen a day ?

Hey Joms, take a look at new thread.

Our issue is included in the development process. So hopefully it will resolve soon.

I don’t know. I Hope that this problem Will resolved.

Hello everybody. As probably some of you know, from today, BGD Labs is officially onboarded as a contributor on the development side of the Aave ecosystem.
We have published a first summary of what is coming during the next weeks and one of the items will be proceeding with the rescue of tokens locked on smart contracts of the ecosystem.
You can find more information HERE, but during this week we will publish a more detailed update for this specific task, and what actions are required from people involved.


The details of the Phase 1 of the rescue (affecting LEND tokens sent to LEND contract amongst others) have been published on BGD. Rescue of tokens locked on Aave. Overview and Phase 1.
Please, leave your comments on that thread from now on if there is any question.

A proposal in need to resolve.