Send crypto to wrong adress.

I sent you a question not too long ago about a transaction that I made by mistake, I bought more than 6000 lend long time ago and because my lack of knowledge I had sent the token to an address that I am still not able to recover the money. Here is the TrxID = 0x89d3be5c83f3a8e8aa071dc8c6015251308b0df72820dbbcabf45d13991de4a7 can you tell me what I did wrong? and if I may recover my funds? I check this adress at etherscan and show the from and to adress. The adress that I send the token according to etherscan is Aavee lend adress. Thanks for any information you can give me.

Not the correct forum for these kinds of questions, but as I’m here anyway:

You’ve send the tokens from Binance directly through to this Address 0xb467aaaeaf051f204153da4677cd7adcb607923e | Etherscan address. They’re still there. Is this your address? Because it seems like a dead address.

If you have control over this address, then you can just send them where ever you want. If you don’t have control over it, the tokens are lost, unfortunately.

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Thanks for your response.