Send USDC to Contract address

I borrowed from the Aave platform.
I mistakenly sent it to the contract address for refund.

Please help me
Transaction hash:


There is nothing Aave can do about this situation as the blockchain is immutable

USDC is a centralised token, Centre who issues it might be able to help

Hello, I am new here.
Probably the same thing happened to me two days ago.
For some reason, I accidentally transfered of USDC funds from my metamask to AAVE amUSDC address (Contract Address 0x1a13f4ca1d028320a707d99520abfefca3998b7f | PolygonScan).
This is the transaction ID: 0x5b51f2ec1829b39d151a0c8047e6b20de0e25c62a814d137f5bf9c3fc9f6f9ff
I see that this AAVE amUSDC address is the same I used for a previous transaction (maybe 10 minutes earlier) to repay the debt on AAVE. For some reason, metamask messed up the sending address?
So @Alex_BertoG recommend to contact I wonder if @Poll was able to get something out of it.