V1 Vs V2 Staking


A noob here. I am wondering about the difference between the staking in V1 vs V2. Are they the same? Will V1 be deprecated? Should I migrate my stake to V2?


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Also wondering about this…

What is your current APY % for staking on V1?

I’m waiting for the flash loan tool to enable migration of collateralised $LEND without first withdrawing - I wonder when this tool will drop…?

It’s about 6.4% without reinvestment. Does that sound right?

I need to read up more. I wasn’t aware a v1 to v2 migration tool was in the works

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Not actually sure if the tool allows migration from v1 to v2, but it does allow you to swap collateralised LEND to AAVE without having to repay and withdraw etc first - that may be only on v1 though…?

Someone has already created it outside AAVE, just not available from the platform yet, and I’m not technically proficient enough to fully understand or perform the task with full confidence.

That would be cool though - if you could somehow move any of your v1 positions (staked, collateral, debt) or a portion of, from v1 to v2, or back…or all in the one transaction