Sybil Resistance for AAVE

Hey everyone, we are building a protocol that uses Zero-Knowledge to provide anonymous proof of humanity for airdrops. Users provide identifying information to an audited third party, which then creates an attestation to the user’s humanity. The link between a user’s identifying information and their on-chain presence is never exposed to Notebook or any other organization. Users can then prove their humanity to airdrop providers whilst staying anonymous. This allows protocols to ensure that their tokens are decentralized, and not distributed amongst bot accounts controlled by a few entities.

You can check out our website

Here is a copy of our whitepaper and doc detailing how we achieve Sybil resistance
Sybil_Resistance.pdf (80.9 KB)
Notebook_Whitepaper.pdf (208.5 KB)

We would love to see how we can help make the AAVE community safer

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