V2 Staking Question

New to all of this and trying to learn how it works. At the moment,
-Buy Aave from Coinbase
→ Send to wallet
→ Deposit from wallet to Aave
Would I be able to start staking? At the staking page, it states I have 0 Aave available to stake even after the deposit. I feel like I’m missing something.


Hey, I just went through this.

Yes, you need to buy some AAVE. You will need some ETH also to be able to move it. Once you have both in your coinbase Wallet (not the exchange) you can go to aave.com and connect your wallet.

I’d suggest V2 since it’s newer.

The app will ask you which wallet to link, choose Coinbase & then scan to link them.

Once linked, go to Stake and it will allow you to specify how much. You will need 2 transactions. 1 to establish your staking wallet, one to move your funds. You will need ETH to do this.

Then just go to Stake to see how much you have staked and earned.

Gotcha. I wonder if it’s because I made that deposit from my wallet into Aave AND THEN tried to stake? Instead of trying to stake it directly from the Coinbase Wallet. I’ll move some around and test it out.

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