Aave Deployment on Numio - in Development

Hello Everyone!

I’m one of the co-founders of Numio, and we are focused on providing the best UX for people when interacting on Ethereum and Layer 2. We launched the first mobile app natively supporting zkRollups last year, and we are also the first team to launch a mobile app on zkSync!

We are actively working on building support for Aave inside of our app. This support will be on Layer-1 initially, but our UI is modular which will allow you to easily manage your funds from multiple L2s (or other L1s if they are supported in the app in the future).

September Developer Update: https://www.numio.one/developer-update-september-15th/

While borrowing wouldn’t necessarily be possible on L2 (at least until general purpose smart contracts are live with zkSync 2.0), we are planning to enable for people to have the ability to swap to interest bearing assets (using atomic swaps), so they can have access to these kinds of DeFi functionalities on L2, where it would be impossible to do so on L1 due to network fees.

Our team is incredibly passionate around building/curating educational content- there can literally never be enough of it out there! Our team has been doing this for the last few months building both written and video content (the latter being done by myself on TikTok). We’ve already begun building some for Aave, and obviously will continue to do so where we can. One example of written content can be found here: https://www.numio.one/tokens/aave/

In any case, I look forward to being more involved in the forums here, and hopefully meeting many of you IRL at different crypto events in the future!

If you’d like to check out more information about Numio, download our app, or learn more about what we’re building, feel free to find out more details here.


Hey everyone, just wanted to share a little update as we are moving closer towards our DeFi dashboard deployment.

Feel free to check out our most recent developer update from November. Lots of exciting stuff coming up! We look forward to being able to collaborate more with the Aave community :ghost: