AAVE Pocket Companion: Your DeFi World in Hand

AAVE Pocket Companion: Your DeFi World in Hand

Project Purpose

Our goal is to create a user-friendly mobile app for AAVE users. This app will let users easily handle and monitor their investments using their mobile devices.

Project Description

We’re planning to create a mobile app designed to help AAVE users effectively interact with AAVE services even on their mobiles!

Here’s how it do that:

  1. Alerts on Liquidation Risk: The app will warn users if their investments are in danger. Users can fix this problem in one click.
  2. Tracking Multiple Accounts: Users can keep an eye on several accounts at once and get warnings about any problems.
  3. Using GHO Easily: Users can make, invest, and send GHO in a simple way with this app.
  4. Quick Look at Portfolio: Users can see all their investments in one place quickly.
  5. Easy Market Activities: Users can lend, borrow, and stake directly from their phone.
  6. Connection with AAVE: The app lets AAVE keep in touch with its users. AAVE can quickly notify its users about any big news.

Our goal here is to build an easy to use mobile app that really help an average AAVE user and that even an non techy user can use

What Problems it Solves and Why it’s Important

Some people argue that DeFi apps like AAVE don’t need a mobile app because their websites are already mobile-friendly, and not many people use DeFi apps on mobile. However, this idea overlooks a few key points.

First, there are hardly any mobile apps for DeFi. Even major players like AAVE don’t have one yet. So, it’s no surprise that mobile usage is low - there aren’t many options to use! Meanwhile, Binance, has over 50 million downloads on Android alone. This shows that there’s a demand for mobile apps in the crypto space.

In fact, AAVE’s demand for a mobile app is so high that a previous grant of about $100k was approved to develop it, but it was never completed.

So, here’s how our app will make a difference:

  1. Liquidation Risk Alerts: Crypto markets are unpredictable and can change quickly. Users can’t always be on their desktops to monitor their positions. But everyone always has their phone with them. Our app will alert users about any liquidation risks and give them a chance to prevent it with just a click.
  2. Multiple Account Tracking: We know that users often don’t have their main account on their phone. That’s why our app lets users keep an eye on several accounts at once. It will alert them about risks on any of their accounts. Now users can secure their portfolios anytime, anywhere!
  3. Easy GHO Usage: GHO is AAVE’s new stablecoin. Stablecoins are popular because it lets investors cut their risks while still earning DeFi rewards. Plus, it’s great for sending money. Our app makes it super easy for users to mint, invest, and send GHO. This will increase the usage of GHO and help it become the top stablecoin in the market.
  4. Quick Portfolio Views: Our app gives users a fast and simple way to look at their entire portfolio.
  5. Manage Portfolio on the Go: Users can easily manage their portfolio and do market operations like lend, borrow and stake directly using their phone.
  6. Connecting Community and Project: Having a connection between a community and a project is crucial. Our app lets AAVE connect with its users and help AAVE instantly notify them about any major announcements.

Any technical or other risk?

While we’re confident in our ability to deliver the proposed mobile application, we understand that any project of this nature could encounter unexpected challenges. We’ve outlined potential risks and our mitigation strategies below:

  1. Technical Challenges: While developing a mobile app for a complex DeFi platform like AAVE, we might encounter technical issues related to integration, security, or performance. Our experienced team is equipped to handle these challenges, and we’ll also set up regular code reviews and testing to catch issues early.
  2. Security Risk: Given the financial nature of the app even it is only frontend, proper security is needed. We plan to conduct regular internal security audits and integrate best security practices to mitigate this risk. Moreover, we’ll ensure all data handling complies with applicable data protection and privacy regulations.
  3. Regulatory Risk: The regulatory environment for DeFi is rapidly evolving, and future changes could impact our project. We’ll keep a close eye on these developments and adjust our plans as necessary to maintain compliance.
  4. Project Timeline Risk: Unforeseen circumstances could potentially delay the project. To mitigate this risk, we’ll employ agile project management methodologies, allowing us to adapt and re-prioritize tasks as needed.

We’re aware of the previous unsuccessful attempt to create an AAVE mobile app. To ensure transparency and build trust, we won’t request any payment until the app is fully developed and functional. This underscores our commitment to delivering a high-quality, effective product for AAVE and its users.

Cost & Milestones

To make this proposal as riskless as possible we will only ask for any payment after the app is fully developed and tested!

Payment Milestones (only 1) -

  1. Completion of the Full App: $45k (in 2 months)

Total Cost : $45k

Though there is only one payment milestone, we will keep you regularly updated about the app’s progress.

So, Here are the “Update Milestones”:

  1. App Wireframes & Designs - 7 Days
  2. App Dashboard - 7 days
  3. Market Operations like Lending, Borrowing and staking - 14 days
  4. Liquidation Risk & Other Notifications - 14 days
  5. GHO Integration - 7 days
  6. Final Touches and Testing - 7 days

Expected ETA : ~2 Months


Our team at Blockdudes has a proven track record in the blockchain space. We have developed and contributed to a multitude of projects, enhancing the infrastructure and applications of various chains and platforms.

Amrit Kumar Jain - CEO and Founder, Project Lead

GitHub: amritkumarj, amritkumarj (Amrit Jain) · GitHub

LinkedIn: Amrit Kumar Jain, https://www.linkedin.com/in/amritj/

Amrit Kumar Jain, the founder of Blockdudes and the lead for this project, brings a wealth of experience and a wide network to the project. His vision for aiding blockchains in building robust infrastructure has shaped Blockdudes trajectory and he has established strong connections within the industry, including notable figures such as Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.

Team Members

Four other members of the Blockdudes team will contribute to this project, bringing their diverse skills and experience. Their roles include app developers, designers, and blockchain developers who will collaboratively ensure the project’s success.

As a collective, the Blockdudes team has successfully executed a range of significant projects, a few of which are:

  1. Decentralized Bridge: Worked with Vitalik Buterin to develop a decentralized layer 2 bridge.
  2. Mask Network: Integrated new features into the Mask Network browser extension.
  3. Unstoppable Domains: Assisted in integrating their service into various DeFi projects like Balancer, Enkrypt,zksync wallets, etc.
  4. Messari: We have worked with Messari on multiple projects, including developing several DeFi subgraphs that can be viewed at subgraphs.messari.io, this website is also built by us. We are currently working with them on building a large data project like Dune tables for multiple chains from scratch, which includes all Cosmos Chains, Filecoin, etc.
  5. Reserve: Developed DeFi collateral plugins.
  6. Verge: Developed ISO 20022 Application for Verge and helping them integrate Smart Contracts in their chain
  7. Vetoken Finance: Constructed the project’s website and data graphs.
  8. Osmosis: Collaborating to build DeFi Vaults and strategies.

These examples represent a fraction of our work. We’ve completed several other projects, and our collective experience and success will be instrumental in the development and success of our proposed project

Team Long-Term Vision

Our long-term vision goes beyond this single project.

We aim to establish ourselves as a strategic partner of AAVE, assisting in its growth and in developing similar products.

Our goal is to attract more TVL to AAVE, enhance its ecosystem, and, importantly, to improve the user experience for all AAVE’s users.

We understand the power of seamless user interfaces and efficient backend functionality, and we’re excited to apply our expertise in these areas to AAVE’s future growth and success.


We propose “AAVE Pocket Companion: Your DeFi World in Hand”, a mobile app for AAVE users offering convenient access to AAVE services, including liquidation alerts, multi-account tracking, GHO usage, and quick portfolio views. The $45k project, led by experienced blockchain team Blockdudes, requests payment only upon completion to minimize risk.

Thanks @amritj

Could you please share some usage stats on some of your previous work specifically about similar apps that have been developed for other protocols?

Thank you for your question, @jengajojo.

We have extensive experience working on numerous web apps in web3 and mobile apps in web2, and have also collaborated on the Status Mobile app with Unstoppable Domains.

The reason for no mobile apps yet fully developed by us in web3 is because of the same reason mentioned in our proposal - that most projects do not yet see the necessity to develop such apps for their users.

We were enthusiastic about developing this app for AAVE users, but were just notified by the AAVE Grants program that our grant application is bit similar to a previously funded one and thus, they will not be proceeding with ours.

It’s possible that they are referencing this grant and are not keen on funding it again, but we did not receive detailed information from them on this.

Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal.

We remain hopeful that we will have the opportunity to work on another project with AAVE in the future!

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