AAVE - Polygon Bridge - issue

Hi AAVE community,

Writing here as I couldn’t find another suitable place to ask for support.

Here’s the situation:

In October '22 my father went to Polygon Bridge and accessed with his Trust Wallet.

The intention was to swap tokens from the AAVE platform (wrapped amWETH and amUSDC) to ETH on Polygon network.

Transaction history here:

There are In\out transactions, which purpose, from what I understood, was to burn the wrapped tokens by sending them to a null address and then receive the amount equivalent to his wallet.

For some reason swap transactions fired automatically when he switched to the new view of the platform and those transactions stuck on pending after tokens got sent to null address. But he never received the equivalent back to his wallet.

Polygon support provided a link, where the stuck transactions’ hashes should be entered and completed (apparently a hotfix for some issue they had with AAVE integration possibly)

One of the transactions completed and the money were received. But the other 2 transactions didn’t complete and were manually updated to Success by Polygon support.

They said they cannot assist further and pointer AAVE platform as responsible for troubleshooting and assist.

Here are the 2 transactions:

Here is the completed transaction:

Please, if anyone can help or assist in solving the issue or at least guide towards a resource who can, it would be much appreciated.

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