aDAI to MaDAI: aDAI on Ethereum to aDAI on Matic

I would like to move my aDAI to MaDAI.

Can i use the Matic Bridge for that if we add the mapping ?
Are they considered two totally different things (siloed) so I need to use an exchange (i.e. 1inch) to swap them?
Some other solution?

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I believe Instadapp has a solution for that. I know you can’t use aDai on Matic, only maDai. Not sure if Quickswap has enough liquidity for the swap either.

Hi @tangible,

aDAI from Aave V2 and Matic maDAI are two different things

You can use the AaveGotchi bridge to transfer your aDAI(V2) to Polygon to get maDAI

maDAI are aDAI(v2) bridged to Polygon ≠ amDAI which is the aDAI of the Aave Polygon Market

You can get amDAI by bridging DAI to Polygon (via your Matic wallet or then depositing the DAI on Aave Polygon Market

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Thx @Alex_BertoG

Sounded like a great solution until I tried to swap my maDAI for DAI on Quickswap… no liquidity just yet it seems