Advanced Learning for AAVE

Blockchain developer activity is definitely not growing at the speed it needs to in order to bring about more widespread adoption. For Protocols like AAVE to become ubiquitous, there is a lot more infrastructure to be built - based on inputs from users, pressure from regulators, and creative ideas from the community.
In order to build at the pace required, we need enough people capable of doing the same. Is the learning material deep enough and structured properly enough to help create a strong pipeline of potential core contributors, developers?
Wouldn’t a self-sustaining structure mechanism of updating important topics - getting translated to significant number of examples make it easier for folks to learn?
Some Opensource communities have more dedicated/core contributors than the entire Web3 ecosystem. Unless we change this reality, the pace of growth will remain slow.
In today’s world it is increasingly tough to find the right kind of folks to build and join the team.
It is far easier to create capable people than to find them.
After having created several 101 courses and helping over 30 thousand learners learn the basics, the conclusion we have arrived at is that, 101s are not moving the needle far enough. There is a need for Advanced Learning that discusses core commits, fundamental changes in the protocol which help developers understand the progress much faster, build confidence in their capabilities to help and eventually lead them to contribute deeper into the protocol.
Do we want to accelerate this process and introduce hundreds more highly capable folks into the AAVE ecosystem? Is it worth a learning experiment to try to create 100 developers with advanced learning and very deep understanding of AAVE?
We believe it is. And we believe that we need to do this with 3 fundamental principles:

  1. Inductive Learning - Learn through a series of examples, especially in the code.
  2. Bootcamps focused on Contribution - Learning is focused on actual outcomes for the individual (in terms of contribution) and to the Protocol as well.
  3. Community Driven - The curriculum creation and bootcamps conduction should have active participation from community members.

Should AAVE give a grant for something like this?
What more needs to be thought through and done for this to be a robust, meaningful activity?

This is something I’ve been thinking about the whole blockchain ecosystem as a whole. A lot of the intro course are just that, and it is hard to find sufficiently advanced tutorials/training for most of the protocols out there. And while you are usually pointed in the direction of the docs, very few are sufficiently advance to take you from zero to pro. And they are more suited for reference purposes than for proper learning, anyway.

I have been planning to start an IRL blockchain academy in my home town to train developers and users beyond just « x protocol 101 », and would be interested in doing something similar with Aave if the opportunity arises.