BGD. Rescue of tokens locked on Aave. Overview and Phase 1

What is the progress of getting these tokens back?( Specifically mine)

It is a great shame because Harmony Community will vote on the potential solutions and AAVE disenfranchised everyone by stripping them from ability to vote.

As commented previously on this thread, the rescue mission is blocked at the moment by this other proposal passing RFC. Aave Governance. Adjust Level 2 requirements (long-executor)

It is programmed to be executed in the next weeks, so rescue mission will be immediately after.

Better to keep the Harmony discussion on Harmony Horizon bridge exploit. Consequences to Aave V3 Harmony thread, as it is not related anyhow to the project on this thread.

Hello team, can someone please tell me how my refound is been dealing.

I am new here and it is been difficult to follow

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A proposal that was kind of a blocker has been executed, as commented HERE, so we are pretty close to the initial phase of the rescue.
Now mainly doing some extra security reviews and dealing with the logistics of other proposals to be done with Level 2 voting requirements, to not have too much voting overhead.

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And how long would this take? Both the security audits and scheduling so theres no voting overhead?

Thank you very much for you return.

How can i be up dated and pay the gas and fees to have my money back?!

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I would like to know the same.

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Hi Bgdlabs, Phase -1 is still only about rescuing token blocked on Ethereum Chain, right ? Is there any chance to get this on Polygon Chain one day as well ? My AAVE tokens are blocked in the AAVE Smart contract token on Polygon

Hi, could you please give an update, we all thought you would execute first phase after ’ Adjust Aave Governance Level 2 requirements’.

@bgdlabs I think id like an update on the state of the rescue

We are pretty convinced it will be possible to create the proposal during the following 2 weeks @godof2dwar . Currently, we want to still apply some extra security procedures, but the codebase required for the rescue, it is pretty ready

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@bgdlabs any update on this proposal? Have security checks concluded?

We still have some last part of the security review pending, but it should be a matter of days at the moment, for the creation of an Autonomous Proposal (similar to what was done on RFC. Aave Governance. Adjust Level 2 requirements (long-executor)).

Even if the smart contracts changes for this “rescue mission” are simple, the components touched for it (AAVE token, Safety Module) are heavily critical, we are trying to be quite conservative, not rushing it.

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Hello @everyone, hope everything is ok!!

Have a great year all of us!!

Things in Brazil is not going well, can i do something the money back? Any forecast?

Is the last one left, If i can do something, please let me know.

Kind regards and have a good year.

Hello bro

Have a great year.

Any news around here?

Hello Guys,

Could I have any update ? Things in my country is becoming a little messed up.

Please let me know what I can do to help!!

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This will take time. As @bgdlabs already stated they are touching critical infrastructure and i am more than happy, that they are taking this cautious approach. You all should be thankful that they are even started this initiative. Its not like that all protocols do this at all.

My AAVE coin was wrongly transferred to AAVE Foundation through Metamask. I’d like it returned. Help me.