Chaos Labs - Monthly Community Update

February 2023


In this update, we highlight the past month’s activities and proposals and share our planned work moving forward.


What’s Next

In the coming month, the Chaos team will focus on the following few areas:

  • Continuous optimization of risk parameters on V3 deployments

    • Integrate and add support for V3 Optimism and Polygon into the Chaos Labs Parameter Recommendation Platform.
  • Discussion and research on risk analysis regarding the upcoming GHO launch.

  • Analysis and parameter recommendations for new assets and markets.

    Current WIP:

    • UNI (V3 Ethereum), SNX (V3 Ethereum), YFI (V3 Ethereum), MKR (V3 Ethereum), and LDO (V3 Ethereum)- working on providing risk parameter recommendations for the said assets.
    • Analysis for adding cbETH to Ethereum-correlated E-Mode.
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