Governance Weekly Recap [2024]

Week of March 11, 2024

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:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

  • Aave Liquidity Commitee Funding
    • Summary:

      The proposal suggests funding the Aave Liquidity Committee with 500k GHO for the next 3 months to support GHO liquidity and DeFi integrations. It outlines past successes in maintaining GHO’s liquidity and peg to the USD, leveraging tools like Uniswap and Maverick, and aims to further deepen liquidity and reduce volatility. The budget is divided into liquidity peg resilience and utility creation for DeFi integrations, totaling 500k GHO.

    • Proposer: Karpatkey_tokenlogic

    • Status: Passed

  • Activation of A-C Prime Foundation
    • Summary:

      The Aave Treasury RWA Allocation proposal aims to collaborate with Centrifuge for investing $1M from Aave’s treasury into a US T-Bill fund as a real-world asset (RWA) proof of concept. This move seeks to earn yield on stablecoins, develop RWA infrastructure, and gain RWA industry expertise, with the expectation of recouping the investment within 6-12 months and generating yield within the first 3.

    • Proposer: Centrifuge protocol

    • Status: Defeated

:writing_hand: Forum Highlights

  • AGD 2024 - Recent work updates

    The AGD 2024 update outlines recent work including introducing six new grantees, summarizing the LFGHO hackathon, and announcing an upcoming Gitcoin round for Aave builders. It shares comprehensive statistics on grant applications, approvals, and disbursements across various categories since May 2021.

  • Recognise ZeroLend as a friendly fork of Aave.

    The proposal suggests recognizing ZeroLend as a friendly fork of Aave, offering Aave stakers 1% of ZeroLend’s governance token supply and sharing 10% of ZeroLend’s generated revenue with the Aave treasury for one year. It aims to contribute positively to the Aave ecosystem and set a standard for future forks.

:newspaper: Stakeholder News

:date: Upcoming Events

  • Chainlink <> Aave Fireside chat : Monday 18 March, UTC. Link

:crystal_ball: Upcoming Votes