Governance Weekly Recap [2024]

Week of March 25, 2024

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:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

  • GHO Stewards
    • Summary:

      The proposal outlines adjustments to GHO’s borrow rate and Stewards’ capabilities, reacting to market changes and Maker DAO’s actions. It aims to increase the GHO borrow rate from 7.49% to 13.00%, grant Stewards the flexibility to manage volatility by adjusting the borrow cap and rate more dynamically. These measures seek to maintain GHO’s market stability and growth by aligning with current stablecoin rates and reducing arbitrage opportunities. For more, see the proposal here.

    • Proposer: Karpatkey_TokenLogic

    • Status: AIP Passed

  • Aave BGD Phase 3
    • Summary:

      The proposal introduces Phase 3 of the collaboration between Aave and BGD Labs, focusing on Aave’s technical maintenance, improvements, security coordination, and technical advisory. It outlines two scopes: ongoing technical support and a new project to enhance the Aave Safety Module. The proposal includes budget details, aims for decentralization by engaging new contributors, and emphasizes BGD Labs’ commitment to Aave’s innovation and security. For further details, read the full proposal here.

    • Proposer: BGD Labs

    • Status: AIP Executed

  • LlamaRisk as Aave Risk service Provider
    • Summary

      The proposal aims to onboard LlamaRisk as Aave’s risk service provider to enhance protocol safety and risk management. LlamaRisk would focus on asset risk, particularly related to GHO and regulatory guidance, complementing existing services by Chaos Labs. The engagement, set for 6 months at a $250,000 budget, seeks to bolster Aave’s risk analysis and governance involvement. For further details, read the full proposal here.

    • Proposer: LlamaRisk

    • Status: Snapshot passed

:writing_hand: Forum Highlights

  • Onboard OpenBlock as Aave Risk Service Provider

    OpenBlock proposes a 6-month engagement as Aave’s risk service provider, leveraging their experience in economic modeling and risk analysis from working with top protocols. Their team, composed of experts from prestigious backgrounds, aims to use advanced models and simulations to assess and manage risks, focusing on new asset listings and market dynamics. The proposal includes a budget of $420,000, covering data science, quantitative research, and platform access fees. For more details, read the proposal here.

  • Allez Labs risk provider proposal to Aave DAO

    Allez Labs proposes a 6-month partnership with Aave DAO, leveraging their deep risk management experience to enhance Aave V3 and GHO’s stability and growth. Comprising experts with significant Aave involvement, they aim to provide comprehensive asset listing support, new deployment risk assessments, and ad-hoc parameter recommendations, with a focus on transparency, community engagement, and open-source development. The budget requested is $400,000. For more details, read the proposal here.

  • Rollout plan for Cross-Chain GHO

    This proposal outlines a transparent process for integrating the GHO stablecoin across multiple networks, starting with a submission phase for networks to propose their integration plans, followed by a community discussion and evaluation phase. The goal is to expand GHO’s utility and accessibility, leveraging Chainlink’s CCIP for secure cross-chain operations. A snapshot vote will finalize the network selection, aiming to enrich the stablecoin ecosystem and Aave’s presence in new environments. For more details, you can view the proposal here.

:newspaper: Stakeholder News

:crystal_ball: Upcoming Votes

  • No proposals queued