Governance Weekly Recap [2024]

Week of May 6, 2024

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:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

  • ACI Ad Astra
    • Summary: The ARFC Phase III “Ad Astra” proposal for Aave seeks to extend the Aave-chan Initiative (ACI) collaboration for another year, with a budget of 1M GHO. This proposal aims to continue enhancing Aave’s operations and growth through existing services like Skywards and Dolce Vita, and further expand their business development initiatives. The ACI team has shown significant value to the Aave ecosystem, contributing to its profitability and operational efficiency (Aave).
    • Proposer: ACI
    • Status: AIP Passed
  • Aave V1 Deprecation Phase 3
    • Summary: The proposal seeks to complete Aave v1’s off-boarding to reduce costs and complexity by discontinuing updates except for crucial ones. It aims to simplify operations by stopping all actions except for liquidation, repayments, and withdrawals, adjusting contract settings, and replacing oracles for consistency with Aave v2.
    • Proposer: BGD Labs
    • Status: AIP Passed
  • Renewal of Aave Guardian - 2024
    • Summary: The proposal renews the Aave Guardian, updating its membership to reflect active Aave DAO contributors. It details two Guardian roles: one for protocol emergencies and another for governance emergencies, each with specific member configurations and responsibilities (Aave).
    • Proposer: ACI
    • Status: Snapshot Passed
  • Add rsETH to Aave V3 Ethereum
    • Summary: The proposal seeks to introduce rsETH, a liquid restaking token by Kelp DAO, to Aave V3 on Ethereum. Adding rsETH aims to diversify the assets available on Aave and offer additional rewards for depositors. It includes introducing new liquidity mechanisms and improving access to staking rewards through DeFi strategies with rsETH (Aave).
    • Proposer: Kelp DAO and ACI
    • Status: Snapshot Passed

:writing_hand: Forum Highlights

  • Aave Visual Identity

    The proposal aims to update and standardize Aave’s visual identity, introducing a new logo and design system that maintains the iconic “ghost” but with a modernized look. This change is intended to enhance brand consistency across Aave’s platforms and initiatives, making it stand out in both the crypto space and alongside major financial brands (Aave).


  • GHO Cross-Chain Launch

    The proposal outlines the launch of GHO stablecoin across multiple blockchain networks, starting with Arbitrum, using Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP). This strategy aims to enhance GHO’s accessibility and utility in the DeFi landscape by ensuring secure, cross-chain transactions of GHO tokens while maintaining all liquidity on Ethereum to minimize security risks.

  • Aave 2030

    The Aave 2030 Temp Check proposes a series of strategic developments aimed at enhancing Aave’s technology and market position over the next decade. Key proposals include the development of Aave V4, a cross-chain liquidity layer, the incorporation of real-world assets, and a new network hub for Aave and GHO. These innovations are designed to expand Aave’s functionality and accessibility, thereby increasing its adoption and maintaining its leadership in the DeFi space.

:newspaper: Stakeholder News

:crystal_ball: Upcoming Votes