[GRANT PROPOSAL]Integrate the aave reserve with sablier/superfluid

Hey community,

i think it would be great to have the Aave reserve integrated with superfluid and/or sablier to give the aave governance the ability to stream payments to contributors. Would be a nice feature to add to increase community participation

For reference:


Hi everyone,

Love the idea and would love to contribute to this effort! I don’t have much preference between Sablier vs. Superfluid, so I would be down to integrate whichever.

For some context of my prior experience, feel free to check out https://smsunarto.com



Glad you’re interested! Let’s chat - I will DM my contact info.

Hey @HelloShreyas and @smsunarto happy to help out with a Superfluid integration if this is going to happen on Polygon!

I think there are lots of opportunities in building this using Superfluid. For example, the DAO could stream the funds to a Multisig, which could then stream them directly to individual developers.