HKUST Blockchain Delegate Platform

Fix rate strategies issue on Aave v2 Polygon

  • We voted YAE
    • No objections to the patching of the contract

wMATIC Supply & Borrow Cap Increase Polygon v3

  • We voted YAE
    • Inline with the approved methodology

Activate Emode for rETH Aave Ethereum V3

  • We voted YAE
    • No objections on the Emode activate for rETH collateral.

Aave Stablecoin E-mode changes for V3 Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum

  • We voted YAE
    • Reduction in Emode variables are seen to be a risk mitigation measure.
    • No Objections on reducing risk by reducing the rate of incurring bad debt.

Caps Plus Risk Steward

  • We voted YAE
    • As long as the parameters are within the methodology which has proven to be so in the past we are accept to this.
    • Tread carefully as this is 1 step towards centralisation. Trust is not to be misused.