Introducing Dolce Vita - Empowering Aave Governance with seamless operations

Title: Introducing Dolce Vita - Empowering Aave Governance with seamless operations

Author: Marc Zeller @marczeller - Aave Chan Initiative

Date: 2024-01-23

Introducing Dolce Vita - Empowering Aave Governance with seamless operations

Hello Aave community,

We are thrilled to introduce “Dolce Vita”, the latest new service from Aave Chan Initiative.

Dolce Vita is not just a product; it’s a commitment to enhancing the Aave Protocol by efficiently managing essential, yet often, unnoticed tasks behind the scenes that are key in the success of governance.


In the dynamic landscape of decentralized finance, the Aave community is pushing the boundaries of innovation.

While Aave has undoubtedly emerged as a frontrunner in the decentralized finance space, the success and resilience of the protocol are often underpinned by tasks that operate behind the scenes.

Dolce Vita steps into this, acknowledging the importance of managing these “invisible” but critical functions that sustain the Aave ecosystem.

Therefore, the creation of Dolce Vita is grounded in the recognition that managing these subtle yet critical aspects is key for the sustained success of Aave.

Dolce Vita serves as the connective tissue between the visionary governance facilitated by Orbit and the operational efficiency required by Skyward. It fills the gaps, allowing the Aave community to operate with the assurance that every facet of protocol management is meticulously handled.

To appreciate the significance of Dolce Vita, let’s explore the synergies it shares with ACI’s other initiatives, such as Orbit and Skyward, and why it will benefit Aave DAO.

A triad of Innovation: Orbit & Skyward, and how Dolce Vita steps in

  • Orbit: Empowering Delegates for a robust ecosystem

Orbit, Aave DAO delegate platform funding initiative, empowers community delegates to actively contribute to the Aave ecosystem.

As delegates play a pivotal role in the governance and decision-making processes, Dolce Vita complements Orbit by providing the necessary infrastructure to automate revenue accrual and ensure the efficient functioning of delegated tasks. This synergy streamlines the operational aspects, allowing delegates to focus on their primary mission – advancing the Aave protocol.

(More information available at Introducing "Orbit" - A Delegate Platform Funding Initiative by ACI)

  • Skyward: Elevating DAO services

Skyward, introduced as a free service for the Aave DAO by the Aave Chan Initiative, adds another layer to the ACI and Aave DAO ecosystem.

Skywards allows anyone, regardless of their technical skills, to propose ideas, and the ACI will provide first-class service to make sure the idea is crafted into the standard proposal; the process is seamless, and eventually, English words from an idea are transformed into code able to improve the protocol.

Dolce Vita aligns seamlessly with Skyward. By coordinating with every service provider involved in a proposal, the ACI ensures the entire governance process is as smooth and seamless as possible. This efficiency contributed to the excellent reputation of the Aave DAO with third-party protocols “It’s easy to work with Aave.”

(More information available at Introducing "Skyward" - A Free Service for Aave DAO by Aave-Chan Initiative)

Let’s dive into the details of how Dolce Vita is set to revolutionize the Aave ecosystem and why it’s a perfect fit with Orbit and Skyward.

Key Features of Dolce Vita:

  1. GHO Revenue Accrual Automation: [DELIVERED]
    Dolce Vita takes charge of GHO revenue accrual, ensuring that these funds are seamlessly directed to the Aave DAO treasury. Leveraging Gelato infrastructure, we automate the entire process, guaranteeing a steady flow of revenue to fuel the growth of the Aave ecosystem.
  2. V3 Revenue Management Across Networks: [DELIVERED]
    Dolce Vita extends its capabilities to handle V3 revenue across all networks. By streamlining the revenue distribution process, we contribute to the sustained success of the Aave protocol, ensuring it remains robust and resilient on every front.
  3. ATokens Integration Across Platforms: [DELIVERED]
    Dolce Vita ensures that ATokens receive the recognition they deserve by integrating them with prominent platforms such as Etherscan, Coingecko, and other key integrators across all networks. This not only enhances visibility but also fosters a broader understanding of ATokens within the wider crypto community.
  4. Defillama Adapters for New Networks: [DELIVERED]
    Dolce Vita stays ahead of the curve by providing adapters for Defillama on new networks from day one. This proactive approach ensures a smooth integration process, facilitating the seamless expansion of the Aave protocol to emerging blockchain ecosystems.
  5. Comprehensive Revenue Tracking for Third-Party DApps: [ONGOING]
    Dolce Vita takes on the responsibility of tracking revenue generated by third-party DApps. By implementing robust tracking mechanisms, we enhance transparency and accountability within the Aave ecosystem.
  6. Governance and Protocol Documentation: [ONGOING]
    Dolce Vita undertakes the task of reworking, publishing, and maintaining qualitative documentation for both governance and protocol. This ensures that the Aave community and stakeholders have access to clear and up-to-date information, fostering a more informed and engaged community.
  7. ACI Stream Collector: [DELIVERED]
    Delegates can now effortlessly claim their stream without the need for intricate coding. simplifies the process, allowing delegates to focus on their contributions without being burdened by technical complexities.
  8. Preparedness for New Assets and Markets: [DELIVERED]
    Dolce Vita ensures that the Aave interface is always ready for the integration of new assets and markets. This forward-thinking approach facilitates the swift adoption of innovative opportunities, keeping the Aave protocol at the forefront of decentralized finance.
  9. Effective Communication with Risk Teams: [DELIVERED]
    Dolce Vita acts as a bridge between the community and risk teams, ensuring timely communication about the publication of new ARFCs. This proactive engagement allows risk teams to provide valuable feedback, enhancing collaboration and risk management within the Aave ecosystem.


In the evolving landscape of decentralized finance, Dolce Vita emerges as a new important piece in the puzzle, harmonizing with Orbit and Skyward to fortify the Aave ecosystem.

As we embark on this journey, it’s not ju]st about the visible strides but the efforts that collectively contribute to the Aave protocol’s success. Dolce Vita stands as a testament to the community’s and ACI’s commitment to excellence, laying the groundwork for a decentralized future where every detail matters.

Together, Dolce Vita, Orbit, and Skyward, powered by ACI, will propel Aave DAO to new heights of innovation and sustainability.



Thank you for the work done in improving the Aave ecosystem!


We are grateful for the excellent initiatives in the governance space by ACI thus far and are pleased to witness the commencement of the new initiative, Dolce Vita. Saucy Block is excited to collaborate on such initiatives and work together with ACI to contribute to the growth of Aave DAO.


ACI keeps on delivering and Dolce Vita just sounds like the perfect addition to Skyward and Orbit. Excited to see more in the future.


Could you provide direction on where the code is located or the git commit? I’m very interested, and I have knowledge of the aave github, but I’m not clear where this is located. Thanks!


Which code are you talking about?


‘Dolce Vita’, in particular features 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7.


This is a great addition to the initiatives currently run by the Aave Chan Initiative and we look forward to seeing Dolce Vita in action.


A fantastic initiative on the shoulders of Skyward and Orbit. The reputation of ACI speaks for themselves. Looking forward to see AAVE’s growth and maturity in 2024.


Also looking forward to this. Seems to me, governance should be free to do their job without having to worry about performance of functions that are new. Dolce Vita seems to supply an alternative solution! Love it


Update: The Defillama adapters process is now in place, and every single aave pool on each network are tracked.

We’re also ready for new network deployment if governance approves them.


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