Introduction: Olympix

Hello Aave community,

We are Olympix, a web3 security firm building out developer-first security tools to help the next wave of DeFi developers build securely.


Our mission is to help revolutionize the security landscape of DeFi. Our core philosophy is centered on integrating security measures at the inception of development rather than keeping it as an afterthought. Through this mission, we have strategically curated a suite of tools designed to empower developers to create protocols with security embedded in their DNA.

Our Static Analyzers enable smart contract developers to find anywhere from low to critical vulnerabilities in real-time during the initial development. Through seamless UI and instantaneous scans - developers can be assured they are taking the right initial steps when building.

We’d like to thank @0xbilll for his feedback when we previously applied for an Aave Dao Grant. Although it was not accepted we look forward to working with the Aave community in the future.

Here is a screenshot of our tool in action and how developers can utilize us in future developments.


The Olympix team is very excited to discuss updates with the Aave community on this forum. We will provide feature and progress updates here. Should any community members have any questions or feedback please feel free to reach out.

Olympix Website

Olympix X