Just got hacked, unsure if it's the cookies on AAVE or Metamask issue

Hi guys, this is my first post,
I just found out a series of foreign transactions on my ether scan,
both on Matic net and Etherium Mainnet
Last night about 6 hours ago, I approved Uniswap on several token permissions and AAVE cookies. Also a JAVA UPDATE. That was it.

Tonight, I came to check on my Metamask and everything was gone, came to check on my AAVE/Curve account and it was also all gone. If anyone has been through similar situations please HELP!! I lost what I cannot afford to lose, if anyone can help retrieve the lost fund (around 16,000USD) I’m willing to give 30% of it as a reward.

Any suggestion on what I should do from now on is very much appreciated!

He took everything in the wallet and logged in to my AAVE and Curve account

Any help is help. please help!!! :sob: