My eth and polygon supply was stolen

Hi please any help my supply was stolen from AAVE I use a metamask how its possible? i dont authorize anything.

hash transaction: 0x2b651e83f67c0ca9d177896c6c50f45142076d9f76c6bfc88b0ed140ce095f45 and 0x23e1a40d44583c40f31c4b8afc164e4d2d1980f777f7c9451b9c1dc51ea9c456
I can do anyting?

unfortunately nobody can help you here.
It seems like you got compromised somehow and somebody got access to your wallet and/or private keys.
Make sure to transfer all funds to a comepletely new wallet with a new private key/seed phrase and maybe even consider using another device just to be sure there is no malware on your device.

Good luck