Phishing attack - Please help

Hi there,

I just noticed that I lost all my AAVE at eth and polygon chain. Is there something we can do to inform others ? Are the rest coins in danger? To whom should I talk to start an investigation or blacklist the contract address that the stolen AAVE was been sent to?

Txn 0x2eb153a8ebd0d01bac82cedf7f0db318dae6f40010faa95c020bc852f94d69cc

This is the Phishing address at Polygon 0x0000db5c8B030ae20308ac975898E09741e70000
Some of my aave sent here 0x53d0E4dAb3E125dd25EcfB24Ca610075Fa9bC8e1
and some other here 0xF230aa03B9ada2da105Cc938479B78b27DF44e7C

My AAVE end up to 3 wallets . They have hundres of AAVE each.

Please reply with any info u think might help.



unfortunately you interacted with some phishing scam. I would highly recommend you to send all token to a hardware wallet and don’t enter any private keys, seed phrases, etc. somewhere.

I also have to tell you that we cannot do anything for you. Get in touch with local authorities, they might help you if the scammer is using a CEX to exit to Fiat and has KYC.