LINK in v2 ETH market

I see that LINK is frozen in ETH v2 dashboard and only repaying and withdrawal are possible (not possible to supply any more).

Dashboard says LINK is frozen due to Aave - Risk Parameter Updates for Aave v2 Ethereum Liquidty Pool but in it there is nothing about freezing LINK. I searched through proposals to find explanation for this behaviour but found nothing. Also, that AIP is executed on November 30 2022 but until just a few weeks ago it was possible to do supply LINK as collateral and switch other tokens to LINK.

I don’t understand the basis for such LINK status and behaviour. Can someone please point me right direction?

Thank you

You probly missed it while searching, it’s this one : AIP_252


Yes, you are right. Thank you.
But then Dashboard is linking to the wrong AIP in the LINK tooltip box.

got quite a bit of aLink frozen due to an Aave protocol governance decision that’s what the red “!” warning sign say…what can I do ?

unless you can buy 80,000 $AAVE token and code an AIP nothing, so I suggest withdrawing your assets and redepositing in a moar recent version of aave

you go back to the Aave discord, and in the channel “:person_raising_hand: support” u will click on “:email: open a ticket” and write an essay explaining what u want to do, and at which step it’s blocking. Not what you see or believe, just what you want to do.

Then wait for working hours, and when an admin contact u check they have been on the aave discord for a while and they are purrple with the “Aave admin” discord role.