My supply was stolen

Hi please any help my supply was stolen from AAVE I use a original trezor how its possible? i dont authorize anything.

my funds are now here:

hash transaction:

Yes ok i already took some actions. But i have a lot of questions:

Why aArbWETH token was moved how can it be moved? it is not just the representation of my collateral supply? I think there is a protocol security problem, as this token shouldn’t even be able to be moved. it doesnt make sense.

How the hacker can change this token for WETH?

why the transaction doesnt appear in my arbscan?
why my trezor dont ask me for pin or any click?

I need some help to understand everything to be safe in the future. how can i trust in trezor or aave? that was a protocol that ive been using for years. please .