OnChainCoop Delegate Platform

OnChainCoop Delegate Platform

Key Information:

About OnChainCoop:

OnChainCoop is a collective of experienced builders, investors, and operators in the blockchain space that advances public blockchain-based coordination infrastructure development and adoption. We use a SAFE multisig and vote based on a simple majority (2/3). Currently, OnChainCoop has three signers actively engaged across the blockchain ecosystem:

  • Rolf Hoefer started in blockchain with his PhD at INSEAD in 2011, where he completed his dissertation on tokens and organizations. Today, Rolf is a core contributor to MetaCartel Ventures DAO, runs a VC called Cultur3 Capital, and leads Numomo, a creative Web3 agency. Rolf has experience across NFT, DeFi, and other DAOs such as Rarible, Cream, and Metagov. Rolf is currently writing The DAO Book, following up on his previous book called NFT Revolution that sold over 100,000 copies.
  • Selim Imoberdorf has been a Design Lead for Aragon since June 2021 and has spearheaded the human-centric and modular concept at the heart of Aragon App. He also contributes to WE3, an international design collective with the best designers building Web3 projects worldwide. Selim has been working in the blockchain industry since early 2017, and he has previously built scalable products in the banking and insurance industries. In addition to a bachelor’s degree as an interaction designer, he has over a decade of experience in digitalization and human-centric design.
  • Ivan Fartunov is a core contributor at Aragon and a co-author of Aragon’s Strategy to Become a Governance Hyperstructure v1.0.0. He is also a founding contributor at DAOstar One where he has contributed to ARC: Extend Aave DAO with EIP-4824 and a summoner at Hydra Venture DAO (the first investment DAO fund of funds). Ivan has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017 and built a $5M ARR prime brokerage business at one of the largest CeFi lenders. He has over ten years of experience in capital allocation, corporate development, strategic advisory, and venture building.

Why Us

OnChainCoop combines a strong understanding of the operational and strategic trade-offs that DAOs face and extensive tenure in the blockchain space across various projects and through multiple market cycles. We believe decentralized finance is a critical coordination infrastructure and look forward to contributing to Aave. Specifically, scaling and governing decentralized stablecoins is one of the most important use cases for DAOs today, and we are especially excited about GHO.