Opening Aave on the BSC

With fees so high and no reliable time period know I suggest we start a vote on further expansion to alternative chains. The Binance Smart Chain is already up, running and others are best us there. I have been playing around with it lately and it is definitely heating up. No one wants large fees and most people just plain can not afford them The Binance Smart Chain is an established reliable growing chain. If we don’t think or discuss moving there someone else will. I think we should be discussing options for the short term future. Let’s be honest no one knows how long these fees are going to last, most likely, longer than shorter. I would like to hear everyones thoughts and opinions…?

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You obviously lack a clear understanding of the movement. This is about breaking free from traditional cefi and creating a paradigm shift. This is not possible on centralized defi chains such as binance chain. There are other solutions that should be carefully considered but Binance doesn’t belong within the realm of consideration.


I don’t think you get it because you adjust your you die. Big companies will come. They will take there piece of the pie and probably more. It’s the way things are. We can fight. We can try to be as decentralized as possible. The problem is Money talks and they have lots of money. I rather at least get a nice piece of the pie while in here. The big companies will come and will eat up every damn thing in site. If you can’t fight them, join them. There’s always a middle ground. As long as we’re still earning money I don’t care, but how decentralized Is something has become to expensive for the average person to use. Ethereum, is useless to the average person right now. Unless you’re making 10,000 dollar trades your not trading. I was offering a way to grow. You don’t want to take it, that’s fine. If you think this is really truly going to be decentralized your fooling yourself. Go look at All the major projects and see how many people own the majority of tokens. Decentralized, I would love. Will it t happen probably not when 1 Bitcoin cost more than most people make in a year

Exactly. CeDeFi is hopefully only a short term hype. I don’t think it’s a very calming idea that Binance has so much control over the market. Unless they change the structure I don’t approve of it. Goes entirely against the idea of DeFi.


I completely understand where you’re coming from. F the government, f all governments regulations, etc. I’m only trying to be practical. They will come and eat everything up that they can. Look at the whales now that basically makes the most money, buy the most of a project they want and up being the majority stake owners anyway. I’m just saying if you can’t fight them join them. I have no doubts that they will come and take as much of the space as they want. They literally are buying more Bitcoin than can be mined in a day as it is now. They want everyones Bitcoin. Money speaks, I’m just saying I don’t think the so called people will ever be decentralized. Someone always wants power, always contrily. I don’t need to beat them. I never thought or had any intention of. I don’t mind being a bottom feeder. As long as I can eat up as much as humanly possible. It’s in human nature to be greedy, nothing is ever enough, do you really think the whales are going to be happy with just getting Bitcoin, there already eyeing Eth. I’d be happy with a middle ground and I think that’s really the best we can get. People in power generally like to keep it. They Definitely don’t like anything about this whole Defi movement, or at least the didn’t until they realized how much they can profit off it. I just want a piece of the pie and that suggestion was because I think Aave could grow moving chains. With trans prices this high everything is going to be moving anywhere else until, maybe, it’s fixed… Cheers Mate

You make some very good points there. It might be so that this DeFi movement is hard to maintain and yeah from a business perspective, being on Ethereum an competing against BEP DOT is not the best place to be in for sure at the moment. For DeFi the only thing that gives me some hope is that it is not as easy as with traditional way of things: a government or central authority regulating it. It’s much more abstract and not as easy to govern. Then again, maybe i’m just high on DeFi hopium ;). Cheers to you as well!

No, I completely agree that there is a chance, I’m just a realist. Government gets it tenticiles in everything it can and if it can’t it bans it or make it illegal. Look at, India, I believe it is. The government literally made Defi illegal. There’s like a billion people there. Making it illegal will just take it underground but look, they made it illegal. Look at the States, they aren’t very Crypto friendly at the time But they still want people to pay taxes. So, there’s saying, we don’t want using this but if you are can you, ummm, pay taxes in it. Lolol Government is horrible. I’m for the less government the better. I’m also for making money. Aave, is a top ten token. I’m just saying in order to stay there we need to adjust to the circumstances. Nobody knows when Eth is going to fix it’s problem. It might not even be possible. So, we just need to be open is all I’m saying. Thank you for the debate though. I truly enjoyed that. My Twitter handle is Goobers007, hit me up, maybe we can share ideas and projects…

Nice twitter acc. So you joined the action 3 months ago.

I hope you manage to convert those giveaways you collect to something of lasting value, like ETH or BTC. Good luck with Binance anyway.