Reasons for the messages being deleted?

As someone who is active on this forum, I’d like to understand the reasons behind some of my messages being simply deleted and disappearing without trace. I started taking the screenshots of my messages as evidence now. Can someone please explain reasons for this censorship?


Not a moderator but i guess your talking about this one:
[ARC] Repay excess debt in CRV market for Aave V2 ETH - #27 by P5555A ?

The reason seems very understandable, your trying to derail topics to get attention to a different topic. That’s not how discussions work and good means of “moderation” I’d say.

I personally would still vote in favour of a “well defined” harmony recovery btw. The problem seems to be that right now none wants to take the time to define it well.

On a sidenote this spammy behavior is not helping your cause In my opinion.


Ah, I see.

I’m not trying to “derail” anything. I am simply expressing my opinion - that there is already one case of bad debt impacting users. I don’t understand the urgency of compensating bad debt in one case and not acting at all to resolve the problem that already exists.

So it is normal here for the posts to just disappear when it is not convenient? Seems very strange behaviour to me.

The second sentence negates the first. You try to derail the CRV discussion in favor of your harmony discussion.

I mean it’s a form of spam, so imo should disappear. It’s not contributing to the conversation in any way, but making it harder for anyone interested in that specific topic to follow. For conversations to be fruitful ppl must adhere to certain rules. Not sure if discord has a “hide & flag as off topic” like e.g. github has.

The situations here are very clearly different (at least from my understanding which might be lacking).

In the case of CRV:

Should aave cover?

  • there are two teams being engaged for risk on this pool (receiving millions for their service)
  • gauntlet had some sort of private stake to cover for incidents like that
  • the safety module was started for this ethereum pool, and clearly covers it
  • there are treasury funds on ethereum that could be used (including 500k aCRV)
  • the error was within the aave protocol configuration (no SC bug, but inadequate risk parameters), no 3th party involved

So the consensus seems to be yes.

How can the recovery be done?

  • there was a single isolated attacker (the one who now has bad debt)
  • the path to “recovery” is very clear. There’s 1 user with bad debt that needs to be liquidated. That’s it.

So for CRV it’s quite easy to say: “This is the problem. It was caused by someone exploiting suboptimal risk parameters on the aave protocol, not a 3th party. This is how it could be solved.”

In the case of harmony the bridge was hacked - aave was collateral damage.
The “path to recovery” is not really clear, although - I think - I read everything harmony related on this forum.

Should aave cover?

  • there are no treasury funds (the harmony treasury never contained much, and that little obviously is also affected by the hack), the risk teams didn’t cover this pool, and safety module didn’t cover v3 yet

That said I personally think, the treasury should cover at least a part because as a community I think it’s the right thing to do.

How can the recovery be done?

There’s multiple not very well defined proposals.
At least for me the path is not obvious.
Still debatable I guess - in the appropriate threads.

If I try to derail something using written word - is this not exactly what the discussion forum is for? Or is someone afraid of me? Of my words? And my words needs to be removed and censored?

If you are are afraid of my words - delete them. This happened many times in the history. Burning books and silencing political opposition are just few examples.

Unfortunately we disagree here. But of course, if it is a spam I respect that someone is going to remove it. It won’t stop me from expressing here though, you can still ban my account.

I just pointed out why I think CRV and Harmony are handled differently (which you asked for).

ps: You have a weird understanding of what censorship means :sweat_smile:

Not sure why weird? According to Cambridge Dictionary:

“a system in which an authority (in this case forum authorities) limits the ideas that people are allowed to express and prevents (…) documents, or other kinds of communication from being seen or made available to the public (deleting my post), because they include or support certain ideas (idea is to resolve Harmony problem first as it impacted protocol first)”

Let’s call it: “deleting my messages” instead of censorship if you wish.

Dude, just create a real proposal, structured, well defined and with a strategy. Otherwise people won’t get what you want or how you expect to cover those loss.

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This topic is about the censorship on this forum. I want the censorship to stop. Deploy forum on the blockchain to make it censorship resistant.

@P5555A Dude, what are you doing?

You’re quickly making an enemy of yourself with contributors who in the future might want to support you.

You were given feedback on the post you initially created: [ARC] Resolve problem of frozen Harmony markets

Why don’t you listen to the feedback and then try a new proposal?

All your complaining and doing nothing about it doesn’t help.


As a new member here and from an experienced P2P economy background; the clarity and transparency of this thread is very encouraging.
I know this discussion is long gone - just wanted to share a positive vibe here.