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Address to Delegate: 0xC6510245a3d961746DB4883916d2D600e19f4ff3
ENS : Saludiego201.eth
Discord : Saludiego201#9643
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Hello AAVE, WEB3 and Latam community

I’m a guy from Venezuela :venezuela:, I’ve been in cryptocurrencies since 2017, and I’ve been through a lot in the ecosystem that my age will not let you fool.

I started in delegations, mainly motivated by a family principle “if you have an idea that can contribute, say it, and if not learn to contribute” because I delegated for a long time my power to vote and make decisions and I feel that it was not exercised in the way that I would have liked.

I worked at MakerDAO in a focus group focused on growth and adoption in Venezuela, you can see the summary in this link.

Glufco a payment processor focused on the adoption of digital dollars.

Currently working on El Dorado a P2P Marketplace focused on the On/OFF ramp in Latam and API3DAO in a focus group focused on latam and its development.

Why delegate to us

I actively participate in various governance, not as a delegate but as a voter, such as SADDLEDAO, PoH, STG and OP, the latter as a delegate.

I also worked at MakerDAO prior to the dissolution of the foundation and I am a very active member of its community.

Why Aave

I chose to become an aave delegate mainly driven by the incredible and vibrant ecosystem that is created around the protocol, plus aave is one of the blu chips that shaped the ecosystem of DEFI and WEB3, I want my ideas to add up, learn from the great acotres that are present and contribute my grain of sand in the vision of AAVE.

Our core values:

  • Communication.
  • Constant learning.
  • Simplicity

A healthy and good governance must work towards representing and listening to each of its parts, therefore it is one of the things that excites me the most to participate in AAVE, do not doubt that I will do everything humanly possible to create good relationships and relationships with all delegates and key players.