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Hello AAVE, WEB3 and Latam community

I’m a guy from Venezuela :venezuela:, I’ve been in cryptocurrencies since 2017, and I’ve been through a lot in the ecosystem that my age will not let you fool.

I started in delegations, mainly motivated by a family principle “if you have an idea that can contribute, say it, and if not learn to contribute” because I delegated for a long time my power to vote and make decisions and I feel that it was not exercised in the way that I would have liked.

I worked at MakerDAO in a focus group focused on growth and adoption in Venezuela, you can see the summary in this link.

Glufco a payment processor focused on the adoption of digital dollars.

Currently working on El Dorado a P2P Marketplace focused on the On/OFF ramp in Latam and API3DAO in a focus group focused on latam and its development.

Why delegate to us

I actively participate in various governance, not as a delegate but as a voter, such as SADDLEDAO, PoH, STG and OP, the latter as a delegate.

I also worked at MakerDAO prior to the dissolution of the foundation and I am a very active member of its community.

Why Aave

I chose to become an aave delegate mainly driven by the incredible and vibrant ecosystem that is created around the protocol, plus aave is one of the blu chips that shaped the ecosystem of DEFI and WEB3, I want my ideas to add up, learn from the great acotres that are present and contribute my grain of sand in the vision of AAVE.

Our core values:

  • Communication.
  • Constant learning.
  • Simplicity

A healthy and good governance must work towards representing and listening to each of its parts, therefore it is one of the things that excites me the most to participate in AAVE, do not doubt that I will do everything humanly possible to create good relationships and relationships with all delegates and key players.



If elected or not in the AAVE governance pilot program, these will be my proposals for the development of AAVE.

Main Objectives:

Area 1: Support the growth of AAVE in the regional ecosystem.

AAVE is one of the pioneers in the development of DeFi as we know it, promoting its growth, through the healthy debate of ideas and contributions of members in general, will allow not only to promote internally but also to transmit a message to the other communities, AAVE is united and working.

Integrating the Latin community is an important step, although great representatives are already in the protocol supporting and innovating, it is not bad to integrate many more to this ecosystem, supporting each one with their grain of sand.


*Creation of Aave in Spanish, to integrate and keep the community up to date on what’s new in the ecosystem.
*Promote the use and exploitation of AAVE as Lending through communities and specific support.
*To take advantage of my network of contacts in various startups in emerging economies related to crypto to offer initiatives that bring users closer to AAVE.
*Participate daily in the forum debates and promote the creation of a dedicated line for Latam.

Area 2: AAVE and its experiment in governance

Governance as we know it allows for the free exchange of ideas between voters, users and ecosystem developers, the delegate’s role is to actively participate in the development of the product while representing the will of its voters.

Therefore, the delegate’s job is focused on building strong relationships within the ecosystem in which he or she participates and promoting ideas constructively for the greater good which is the development of the ecosystem itself.


*I will constructively discuss with all important delegates working in my areas of expertise.
*I will actively participate in key discussions on GHO and help reach consensus on governance design.
*I will assist and support with my previous MakerDAO experience for the adoption and adoption pathways of GHO in the region.
*I will take advantage of the existing windows of opportunity through the delegations in other L2 to generate initiatives that allow both the penetration of GHO and the development of AAVE.


De ser elegido o no en el programa piloto de governanza de AAVE, estas seran mis propuestas para el desarrollo de AAVE.

Objetivos Principales:

Area 1: Apoyar el crecimiento de AAVE en el ecosistema regional.

AAVE es una de las pioneras en el desarrollo de las DeFi tal y como lo conocemos, impulsar su crecimiento, atrevés del sano debate de ideas y aportes de miembros en general, permitirá no solo impulsar a lo interno sino que trasmitira un mensaje a las demas comunidades, aave esta unido y treabajando.

Integrar la comunidad latina es un paso importante, si bien grandes representantes estan ya en el protocolo apiyando e innovando, no esta mal integrar muchos mas a este ecosistema, apoyando cada uno con su granito de arena.


*Creación de Aave en español, para integrar y mantener al dia a la comunidad sobre lo nuevo que trae el ecosistema.
*Impulsar mediante comunidades y apoyos específicos el uso y aprovechamiento de AAVE como Lending.
*Aprovechar mi red de contactos en diversas Starupts de economias emergentes relacionadas a crypto para ofrecer iniciativas que permitan acercar usuarios a AAVE.
*Participar diariamente en los debates del foro e impulsar la creación de un renglón dedicado para Latam.

Area 2: AAVE y su experimento de gobernanza

Las governanzas tal y como las conocemos permiten el libre exparcimiento de ideas entre los votantes, usuarios y desarrolladores del ecosistema, el rol del delegado es participar activamente por el desarrollo del producto a la par que representa la voluntad de sus votantes.

Por ende, el trabajo del delegado se centra en construir relaciones sólidas dentro del ecosistema en que participa y promover ideas de forma constructiva para un bien mayor que es el desarrollo del mismo ecosistema.


*Debatiré constructivamente con todos los delegados importantes que trabajen en mis áreas de especialización.
*Participaré activamente en los principales debates sobre GHO y ayudaré a alcanzar un consenso sobre el diseño de la gobernanza.
*Ayudaré y apoyaré con mi experiencia previa en MakerDAO para la adopción y vías de adopción de GHO en la región.
*Aprovecharé y velaré por las ventanas de oportunidades existentes gracias a las delegaciones en otras L2 para generar iniciativas que permitan tanto lapenetracion de GHO como tambien el desarrollo de AAVE.