[TEMP CHECK] - Add GHO/USDC/USDT BPT to Safety Module

Sharing some clarifications here: I’ve been working on the SM proposal over the past months, first under Llama scope until the end of September and still doing it on my own after their contract ended.

It’s important to know that since Matthew left Llama, he’s been trying to frontrun me on that topic and he was aiming to handle this work under TokenLogic to take credit for it.

As mentioned in the update shared here last month, the ARFC following Llama TEMP CHECKs approved where not posted yet for two reasons: AIP-42 requiring to reshape the strategy, and GHO depeg which is counter productive to the GHO committee goals.

(We can also note there that TL was supposed to post this ARFC about BAL upgrade, but I posted it with my account as Matthew refused to post it under TL, before deciding to go against my post without arguments).

This event (and many others before) led me to decide & communicate on the forum that I was leaving TokenLogic, and I clearly communicated about the fact that I’d keep working on the SM upgrade proposal on my own after Llama contract ended, as it can be seen here since the goal is to publish it once the GHO peg is restored.

Really shocked and sad to see attempts to steal part of my work again, but I guess it just demonstrates I was right to leave TokenLogic.

(On a side note, the fact that you were speaking in my name under TL without my consent was one of the reasons I stopped contributing to TL, but now you’re doing the same with the GHO committee, claiming it made recommendations that came from you as the committee wasn’t consulted: This ARFC approved that was supposed to be implemented but you changed it & delayed the CL strategy implementation to include Sommelier in this comment, mentioning a committee decision)

  1. This recognition would have been great if it was there from the start, unfortunately I know you added it after receiving comments about your initial post which you tried to present as yours.

  2. You knew I was working on the SM but didn’t reach out to ask to collaborate, or didn’t even discuss this topic with the committee.

  3. This proposal is a bad copy/paste of the update I shared below the Llama proposal but with missing info & misunderstanding about the strategy.

Yes SolarCurve came up with the smBPT idea, but you can’t seriously compare this, (or even your contributions ?) to mine on this proposal as you know the truth.

Anyway, to prove that this work was stolen, let’s compare this post with the last update I shared in September here:

Note that both GHO/USDC/USDT & GHO/LUSD are part of the assets I intend to propose in this ARFC update, as it makes no sense to only add centralized assets in the SM, and it won’t be efficient until GHO peg is restored…

Important to note that my comment in this post was totally ignored by the ACI & TL who pushed the proposal without even bothering to answer.

It’s really bad to see delegates & service providers act like this (or censoring the discussion & centralizing the decision as happened here)

I also shared this many times in a group about “SM & GHO” where there are Matthew, Stani, Marc & BGD, before I was kicked out of it by Matthew a few weeks ago while this group was unrelated to TokenLogic. I understand better why now.

Anyway, I hope that’s enough for the Aave DAO to see that this TEMP CHECK was copied & should be viewed as invalid considering previous temp checks were already approved & I’m already working on the ARFC.

TokenLogic arguable methods & frequent lack of transparency should also raise concerns about potentially approving a new service provider / delegate where Matthew Graham is involved.