Valha - Cross-chain zaps in Aave pools


I am the co-founder of Valha

At Valha, we develop DeFi APIs in order to facilitate developers experience when integrating and maintening integrations with DeFi protocols by providing an unified layer to interact with +25 protocols (unique deposit, redeem & claim rewards routes) and enabling new use cases to improve UX by building agnostic zaps and cross-chain zaps routes.

Currently, we work with wallets, custodian platforms and exchanges to structure their DeFi interfaces but we are exploring to expand to protocols and dApps.

We recently released our cross-chain zap route that enable anyone to invest in DeFi pools in two clicks from any chain and with any kind of token.

To showcase how this features could be beneficial to end-users, we released thematic front-ends to enable anyone to test it:
Aave crosschain zap [website] (
Loom demo

Before writing a formal proposal, I would like to get the temperature of some core Aave members regarding this kind of initiative and the current discussion you might have internally to enable new kind of user experiences.