Weth Pool on polygon - Fake Airdropping now?!

Hi, I just notice i am receiveing airdrop from the Weth pool adress on polygon!

Can someone explained?

Screenshot 2024-01-30 124439

Can u take mesure on that ? Thanks trying help to the max.
, can u report as bug, or bug bunty program, can’t find quickly,

since this could at least be a minor security incident i will call : @Gauntlet @bgdlabs @ChaosLabs @MarcZeller

official Contract adress of the pool WETH on polygon v3 , sending out 1 token in airdropping batch.

it’s just a scam, calm down.

pretending something come from an address is the oldest trick in the book. don’t bother the governance forum for this and go to discord.

Hi Marc, First u can do that ? Even from the true adress ?, We are all learning i guess here !

Second, i could not reach throught discord because of the double authentification system,

third, i thought it was a very serious matter, if not, how is possible to receive scam from an official address?

fourth, i think it was a good thing to enjoy at least 1 participant in this thread for the first time in months… don’t discourage me to do so.!
THanks! I usualy bring forward constructive thing. Call it a false alarm then.

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