BGD. Rescue of tokens locked on Aave. Overview and Phase 1

When does the vote on the return begin?

As an important update to the community, all the Rescue Mission phase I is finished, and with the collaboration of ACI (@MarcZeller ), we plan to submit the on-chain proposals by tomorrow Tuesday 28th.

This project will consist of 2 on-chain governance proposals, as the contracts from where to rescue tokens are controlled separately by Level 1 (Short) executor and Level 2 (Long) executor.

All the details about the operation can be found in the AIPs linked, but as a summary:

  • Level 1 proposal: Initializes the data about the distribution (Merkle Tree of account with claims of tokens) and sends the AAVE tokens locked on the LendToAaveMigrator contract (more extensive details on the AIP and repository of the project) to the Distributor contract, from where affected users will able to claim them.

  • Level 2 proposal: Releases all other tokens to the same Distributor contract activated on Level 1.
    Quorum requirements on Level 2 are 1’040’000 AAVE, so it is extremely important for voters to participate in this one.

The rescue can be considered completed (and active to claim) whenever both proposals pass, one of them passing and the other not will force to repeat the vote, which is not really ideal.
The whole process, given governance times (mainly Level 2), will take 18 days from creation (1 day of initial delay, 10 of voting, 7 of timelock).

Additionally, during the following days, we will release more instructions on how to exercise the claims.

All the technical information about the project can be found on


Both governance proposals have been created in collaboration with ACI (@MarcZeller )

Voting will be opening in ~24h

Proposal on Level 1 (Short executor)

Proposal on Level 2 (Long executor)


Both proposals 165 and 166 have been finally executed, props to the whole Aave community for their incredible governance participation.

As promised, we just published a user interface that all eligible addresses in Phase I can use to claim their tokens.

Visit, connect your wallet, and if you have any claim, submit a transaction and you will receive the tokens from the Rescue Mission smart contract activated on proposals 165 & 166.